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Sunday, 28 October 2012 | Kiosk Collective

Today in 1870: Horace Pearce and the brothers Robert and Samuel Fox are fined five dollars for disorderly conduct in Louisville, Kentucky.

Yesterday, the three African Americans boarded a nearly empty whites only trolley car. A white passenger quickly ordered them to leave. When the three men refused, the driver forced them from the car. Robert Fox will take his case to federal court and, on May 11, 1871, a judge will uphold his discrimination suit and award him 15 dollars.


But Louisville streetcar operators will continue to refuse to carry blacks, which prompts a three-day rebellion. The company finally will relent in fear of federal enforcement and further financial loss.


It’s Today’s Action Calendar!


The Hydrite Chemical plant in Cottage Grove wants to renew their hazardous waste license for another 10 years. The preliminary determination and other documents can be reviewed at the DNR office, located at 3911 Fish Hatchery Road in Fitchburg, and at the Pinney Branch Public Library, located at 204 Cottage Grove Road in Madison, Wisconsin. The DNR is now taking questions and comments from the public until December 17th. To obtain more information or submit written comments contact Michael Ellenbecker at 262-884-2342 or e-mail him at or write to him at DNR, 9531 Rayne Road, Suite IV, Sturtevant, Wisconsin 53177. A request for a public hearing on the proposed approval should be hand delivered or sent by certified mail to DNR, Office of the Secretary, 101 South Webster Street, Madison, 53707.

Tonight at Rainbow Bookstore, Back to the Gutter: Declaring War on the M.F.A. – CyberPunk Apocalypse McTour! Join Nate McDonough and Daniel McCloskey and their newest comic creations. Both are resident members of Pittburgh’s DIY anti-MFA, the Cyberpunk Apocalypse writers’ cooperative, which received national attention in 2009 for living without heat and being raided by dozens of police. This is tonight at 6pm at the bookstore, 426 West Gilman. More info at 257-6050 or

Tonight, “Che Guevara, Symbol of Struggle: the Legend and the Truth“ continues. This week’s feature is “The Motorcycle Diaries” Hosted by the Madison Infoshop, This is at 7pm in Humanities 1131. Check Today in the Union for exact location. More info at 262-9036.

Coming on November 15th, “Food Rights, Food Freedom – Workshop for Farmers and Consumers.” From raids on raw milk producers, to the destruction of heritage breed hogs, to the Food Safety Modernization Act, the landscape of our fundamental rights is being steadily eroded. There is a registration fee. For more info and to register, visit:

Tonight at 7 p.m. visiting Haitian band 2 Rasin will play a concert of their folk-fusion-roots style music at Art in the Barn, located at 5927 Adams Road in Fitchburg. The concert will benefit the band’s U.S. tour as well as Haiti Allies, a local nonprofit focused on literacy, education, food for children, job creation and leadership building in Haiti. Concerts are offered on a free-will basis, and donations are encouraged.

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