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Monday, 3 June 2013 | Kiosk Collective

Today in 1972: Jane Briggs Hart, wife of Michigan Senator Philip Hart, informs the Internal Revenue Service that she won’t pay some of her taxes.

Instead, she deposited her quarterly estimated tax of $6,200 in a special bank account. She wrote: “I cannot contribute one more dollar toward the purchase of more bombs and bullets.”

It’s Today’s Action Calendar!

Tonight is a Volunteer Advocate Training at the Workers’ Rights Center, focusing on basic labor law in Wisconsin and the strategies and tactics that the WRC uses to assist workers in defending their rights. Light snacks will be provided. Interpretation is available upon request. Join in the fight for worker justice in Wisconsin! This is tonight from 6 to 9pm at the Villager Mall, 2300 South Park Street. Please RSVP to 255-0376 or

Mad City Vegan Fest and the UW Animal Rights Society are sponsoring the “Mad City Vegan Fest Kick-off” this Friday night, June 7th, at Union South, 1308 West Dayton Street. There is a cost for this event. Visit to order advance tickets. For questions, call Gina at 608-446-2243.

The Wheelchair Recycling Program offers low cost, refurbished mobility and medical equipment to people that may not have the resources to obtain them new. They have wheelchairs, walkers, bath items, grab bars and other assistive equipment for purchase. There are offices in Madison and the Greater-Milwaukee area. Visit or call 608-243-1785 for details.

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