Volunteer Awards

Friday, 1 February 2013 |

Volunteer AwardsOn January 31st, WORT hosted its Volunteer Appreciation Party. Here’s the list of award winners. We’d like to thank everyone who volunteers for WORT. Thank you so much for all you do.

Lauren Schmidt of Labor Radio: “Great Team Player”
Nominated by Tony Reeves
“for her excellent work reporting with Labor Radio”

Jonathan Garber of the Insurgent Radio Kiosk: “Most Dependable and Awesome Grand Master Kiosker”
Nominated by Rachel Imsland

Dave Watts of Blues Cruise: “Mentor With The Mostest”
Nominated by Sal Serio
“Dave has continually taken time to let me watch him at work behind the mixing board and get a better sense of how to be a competent WORT DJ. I can not thank Dave enough, plus he’s just a great guy and huge local music supporter!”

Harry Richardson of In Our Back Yard: “Most Dedicated and Long Suffering News Volunteer”
Nominated by Helena White
“Harry has been a dedicated volunteer for In Our Backyard since its inception – about 15 years ago. He currently volunteers on Monday nights, does great work and is 100% dependable.”

Martin Alvarado of Global Revolutions: “Best Volunteer to Blend Fabulous World Music with Awesome Political Awareness”
Nominated by Helena White
“Martin not only plays excellent and endless varied world music, but he can talk knowledgeably and at length about that music, from Norwegian fiddlers to Peruvian brass bands and everything in between. And if that wasn’t enough, he can also educate us on the important political origins and implications of music he plays.”

Mary Moyer of Healthwriters: “Best New Health Reporter”
Nominated by Steve Blank

David Pouncey of the Promos: “Mentor Extraordinaire”
Nominated by Kathleen Suhainen
“He has showed me the same audio things over and over again patiently and with a smile!”

Kurt Westbrook of the Promos: “Team Player Extraordinaire”
Nominated by Kathleen Suhainen
“Not only has he trained us patiently, but he stays to the bitter end when promos need to be done.”

Natalie Hinkley of Queery: “Saves the Day” award
Nominated by Victoria Echeverria
“For taking on the role of lead producer for Queery. For rescuing and revitalizing Queery, and for recruiting a new family of volunteers for the show.”

Roberto Garza of En Nuestro Patio: “Latin Lover of the Show”
Nominated by Maria Azocar
“It is impossible not to surrender to his good boy charm, plus, he is the best musician in town!”

Lucas Osmond of Rolling with Scissor: “The KING of Darkness!”
For holding down the late nights all these years (Lucas’s on-air moniker is the “Prince of Darkness.”)

Dave 3000 of Kosmik Radiation: “Bursting at the Themes”
For all his great theme shows & specials

Schinky of Wake Up Futuristic: “Most Shameless Self-Promotion on behalf of WORT”
For his annual Wake Up Futuristic benefit parties

Ted Offensive of Friday on My Mind: “Live & Local Connection”
For hosting & recording the most live bands on-air

Dave Leucinger & Art Schuna of Blues Cruise: “Saturday Knights” Award
For staying late and covering the territory till midnight as needed

The Real Jaguar of Who Cooks For You: “Revolving Door Award”
For having the most on-air guests

Heidi Olson of Psychoacoustics: “Co-Host Who Always Has Your Back”
Nominated by Co-Host Reverend Velveteen

Nelly Mitchell, receptionist: “Fill in the blank receptionist shift”
For frequently filling in holes in the receptionist schedule

Nancy Mae: “Radio Pilot Volunteer Editor Extraordinaire”
For her off-site work editing the Radio Pilot from various locations on the planet

Julie Rogers: “WORT3D visionary”
For coming up with the idea for the new website
and leading the team that made it happen

Miriam Frost: “WORT3D coding powerhouse”
For countless hours of screen time making the
new website look fantastic and behave intelligently

Lucas Osmond: “All Star Volunteer”
For steadfast service in many roles: late night rokker
as host of Rolling with Scissors, vital member of the web
collective, past president of the Board of directors, engineer, receptionist and more.

Rob Roush: “Master Machine Maker”
For coming up with a plan for building new computers
for the station and then getting out the screwdriver and
making it happen

rev. 52M