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Sunday, 30 December 2012 | Kiosk Collective

Today in 1987: Ten anti-nuclear activists were arrested for trespassing at the Nevada Test Site, the culmination of a 54-day encampment at the main Test Site gate. The camp established momentum for what became a movement ultimately involving over 10,000 arrests at numerous Test Site protests over the following years in the campaign to achieve a freeze of all nuclear weapons testing.

The Nevada site includes more than 14,000 square kilometers, or nearly 6,000 square miles – larger than the state of Connecticut, of uninhabited land where atmospheric, and later underground, nuclear testing had been conducted since the 1950s.

It’s today’s Action Calendar!

The Insurgent Radio Kiosk welcomes listener commentaries on subjects of interest to the W.O.R.T. listening community. Commentaries are limited to two minutes. Interested people who wish to do a Kiosk commentary may call the station at 256-2001 and leave a message for the Kiosk.

The Respite Center is a safe place for kids, ages birth to fourteen, whose families are under stress or in crisis. They are looking for volunteers to play with kids four hours a week. Training is required. Call 244-5730 for details.

Dane County Friends of Ferals volunteers are dedicated to bettering the future of feral cats. Their mission is to establish a no-kill standard and promote the value and well-being of Dane County area feral cats. Call 467-4067 for details.

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