The Promotion of a Tolerant and Just Community

Monday, 30 September 2013 | A Public Affair

On Monday September 30th, our host John Quinlan’s guests included Diego Campoverde-Cisneros who will receive the the 3rd Annual “Alix Olson Award for the Promotion of a Tolerant and Just Community” at the Racial Justice Summit on Wednesday. The production manager of La Movida radio, (Wisconsin’s first 24/7 Spanish language radio station), he is also the found of Aliianza Latina, a support group for LGBT Latina/o community members. Also, Cindy Crane of Seekardia on this year’s “What’s Religion Got to Do with it?” writing contest for LGBT youth.

Diego Campoverde-Cisneros is currently the production manager at the first Spanish 24/7 Radio Station in Wisconsin- La Movida 1480 AM, WLMV. In his role as production manager and radio host, Diego hosts a morning talk show called El Debate as well as the very popular La Tarde Arde con Diego Campoverde afternoon music program. He works in partnerships with many local businesses and non-profits to inform and entertain the Latino community through the radio waves. He has helped advance many causes from health and wellness to social justice advocacy. He always does things in an altruistic way: he is driven by wanting to improve lives in our community and to promote leadership in others.

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