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Occupy Madison Sets Up Camp at Dane County Human Services

Wednesday, 14 November 2012 | Molly Stentz

Occupy Madison has returned. The social-movement-turned-homeless-camp has a new location: Dane County Human Services. Approximately 15 homeless people have set up camp on the lawn next to the county office building on Northport Avenue on Madison’s north side. At least for now.   In Our Backyard spoke to homeless advocate Brenda Konkel as well as several members of the Occupy camp (who did not give their names).       This story was reported by Rebekah Wilce and Hayden Marx, produced by Patrick Waring, and read by Rob McClure. It originally aired on In Our Backyard on Wednesday, November 14th, 2012. more »

Occupy Madison encampment faced with 48 hour eviction notice

Thursday, 8 November 2012 | buzz

On Thursday, November 8, Tony Castaneda talks with Daniel Callahan and Brian Gee, homeless residents of Occupy Madison, as well as Brenda Konkel, of the Madison Tenant Resource Center. The 15 tent homeless encampment on the 800 block of East Washington Ave has been served a 48 hour eviction notice by the city of Madison. They will need to leave the premises by Friday Nov 9 at 3pm. Daniel, who has been with the Occupy movement for over a year and homeless in Madison “on and off” since 1979, says that the mayor, who had said that he would hold off on an eviction until they were able to obtain housing, has gone back on his promise. He also says that the mayor has not yet visited them since the eviction.   Brian Gee explains that despite many of the occupants being skilled laborers, they still found themselves homeless, due to lack of employment, Brian himself has been a carpenter for 15 years, and has done electrical, plumbing, and stick build construction. He lost his job one and half years ago. Before arriving in Madison in hopes of obtaining work, Brian lived in Stevens Point, where he was homeless for one month. He explains that upon arriving in Madison, he went to Porchlight for assistance in finding a job; he says, “the first thing I ended up hitting was Porchlight…and they literally didn’t help me at all. I had to do everything on my own.”   When discussing the difference in treatment of the homeless among different locations, Brenda Konkel mentions Appleton as having a strong homeless program. “There’s not much of a homeless population… [Because] they’re only homeless for 30 days, they’re able to get people into housing really quick.” She also describes Minnesota as having one of the best programs in the US: their ‘housing first’ program ensures that housing is placed as the priority, “if you don’t have a home base to work from, it’s really hard to do the rest.”   They believe that Madison has more resources than the city is actually willing to put in towards the homeless. Brenda says, “If we have $50,000 for a music video [in the budget], we can put that towards running a comprehensive day center…so at least they could have a place during the day to be able to use the computer, shower, store their stuff…” With the present situation, one must move to several different centers to do each …. more »

Occupy Madison

Monday, 20 August 2012 | A Public Affair
Occupy Madison

On Monday August 20th, Brenda Konkel spoke with members of Madison’s Occupy movement about the past and future of the downtrodden in Wisconsin and the Nation. She spoke with Bruce Wallbaum, Trina Clemente, Luca Clemente and Dan Callahan. “Something is very wrong with the system in which we live. Programs designed to feed and educate children are having their budgets slashed, families are being thrown out of their homes and the jobs of hard-working people are cut due to no real fault of their own while the wealthiest 1% are bailed out, make record profits and our people are being sent overseas to fight and die for the protection of this system. We find it unacceptable that the top 1% who caused the hardships we all face flourishes while the 99% suffers in the economic crisis created by the 1%. We are Wisconsin, we are the 99% and these are our demands: 1. A fair and just economic system that benefits all humanity not solely the 1%, including but not limited to substantial tax increases on the 1% to fully fund the needs of the 99% such as job creation, education and social services. 2. End the wars and redirect military spending to social programs. 3. Real democracy that allows the voices of the 99% to heard and acted upon. 4. An end to the assault of the top 1% on workers’ rights and repeal of all anti-union laws. 5. The end of institutionalized racism, sexism, homophobia and attacks on immigrants. 6. Protection of the environment, a sustainable economy and an end to reckless pollution in order to preserve the planet for future generations.” To read more about Occupy Madison: To listen to the entire interview:   more »

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