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Stephen Kantrowitz – Freedom Stories: African Americans and the Civil War

Friday, 2 November 2012 | buzz
Stephen Kantrowitz, Professor of History at UW-Madison

On Friday November 2, our host Jonathan Zarov spoke with Stephen Kantrowitz, who will be presenting on the panel, Freedom Stories: African Americans and the Civil War in the upcoming Wisconsin Book Festival. Stephen is Professor of History at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and author of More Than Freedom: Fighting for Black Citizenship in a White Republic, 1829-1889. The book is about African Americans in the North, he explains, “there were about a quarter of a million free black northerners, about the same amount of free black northerners as there were free black southerners, and although their population is small compared to almost four million southern slaves, their importance is outsized much larger than their numbers would suggest…partly because some of them were fugitives and represented threats to the slave system, and partly because the place where free black people sit is in this intrinsically uneasy relationship to the American Republic. They’re free, but not white, and the Republic is white, and more and more from the 1830s on towards the Civil War. The amazing thing about these people is how they leverage that position of uncertainty into political power.” Stephen explains that the free black northerners had a huge impact on the North’s position of abolishing slavery in the South. He also explains how black northerners built huge networks, via newspapers, travelers, and free masons to “link together the forces of freedom.”   Stephen will be presenting on a panel along with David Cecelski, whose book speaks about the life of a young slave rebel. David’s book, The Fire of Freedom: Abraham Galloway and the Slaves’ Civil War, “represents the other social movement of the era, the social movement of the slaves themselves.” Stephen explains that it was the combined movement led by both the black southerners and the black northerners, together, that turned the Civil War into a war of emancipation.   Thursday Nov 8 at 7:30 PM Wisconsin Studio at the Overture Center Visit for more information.   Listen to the entire interview here: more »

Midwest Clay Project

Friday, 2 November 2012 | buzz
Photo by ah zut on Flickr

On Friday November 2, our host Jonathan Zarov speaks with Jennifer Lapham, owner and founder of the Midwest Clay Project. Their adult Fall classes will begin this November 5. Jennifer explains the project, “We are a community that offers opportunities to work in clay, and classes for people of all ages and levels of experiences. One of the things that I really like about Midwest Clay Project is this incredible inter-generational community that has really built itself.” She explains that Madison is a strong community when it comes to offering classes in clay, among them including the UW-Madison, MSCR, MATC, Higher Fire, and Fine Earth. The Midwest Clay Project offers classes that teach both basic and advanced level potter’s wheel, hand-building opportunities, and animal/human figure classes. It is a community-based activity, since the nature of the material itself requires a potter’s wheel, Jennifer says. “One of the special things about Midwest Clay Project is that we’re really able to serve that east-side community. A lot of the folks in our studio come right from that east side neighborhood.”   For information about classes and the Midwest Clay Project visit 918 Williamson Street, Madison WI 53703 (608) 255-9240   Listen to the clip here: more »

Driftless Film Festival

Friday, 26 October 2012 | buzz

On Friday October 26, our host Jonathan Zarov speaks about the upcoming Driftless Film Festival with Nicholas Langholff and Darren Burrows, co-founders of the film festival, and actor Mark Metcalf.   The Driftless Film Festival takes place in the “driftless area,” of Mineral Point, referring to the south west part of Wisconsin, emphasizes the regional nature of the film festival. Apart from Mineral Point, in which a large focus of the festival will be situated in, other towns that are included in the festival include Richland Center, Spring Green, and Platteville. Nicholas speaks particularly about the experience of film watching, in which the theater itself plays an important role, “there’s a special charm to the area, and that’s why I think for people to come out and see a movie at the Mineral Point Opera house, or at the Guard Theater in Spring green, and to visit the restaurants, the brewery…you have these things that are beyond the film festival, and that’s the charm of the community. That’s what drives us, and we like being part of it.”   Says Darren, “a lot of the films we do are… lower-budget films, films that are done for the love rather than paying the rent… Its more about providing the opportunity for artists to show their films the way they were meant to be seen.”   Among the movies that will be played at the festival include Beasts of the Southern Wild (the opening film for the festival), environmental films such as Chasing Ice and Bidder 70, political films such as Janeane from Des Moines and As Goes Janesville, and several local Wisconsin films. Click here for a full list of the films.   Actor Mark Metcalf, who has acted in films and shows such as Seinfeld and Animal House, will be at the festival and will be doing Q and A sessions after the showing of the two films he acted in, The Wheel as well as Little Red, in which he plays the Big Bad Wolf. He speaks of the festival, “I think small festivals like Driftwood are really great. It gives people a chance to see films that they wouldn’t ordinarily get the chance to see, so that they know there’s more to filmmaking than [mainstream Hollywood films]… they’re only one part of what cinema can do. You get to see how flexible, powerful, and interesting an art form cinema can be. Besides, it’s a beautiful part of the …. more »

“Energy Vampires” – Adam Weiss on Energy Conservation

Friday, 26 October 2012 | buzz
by United Nations Photo on Flickr

On Friday October 26, Adam “Vampire Slayer’ Weisse, from Project Home, spoke with our host Jonathan Zarov about energy conservation. He provided several suggestions and tips on how to make our homes more energy efficient.   Says Adam,“Some of the biggest energy vampires in your home would be home entertainment systems…such as flat screen TVs. They are continually using a trickle charge of electricity to keep them warmed up. You can install power strips on these devices, hook multiple devices to one power strip and turn that off – that kills the power to a couple of devices at once. If you are lucky enough to have switch outlets, you can plug those devices into a switch outlet and switch it off when you walk out of the room.” There are also ‘smart power strips’, which automatically shuts outlets off if the device is not being actively used.   Items that are plugged in, even though they are not in use, do continue to use energy, although the amount does vary depending on the device itself. “Phone chargers are pretty low energy devices, but they’re still going to be using 3-4 watts of energy as it just sits there, ready for you to plug your phone into. Something like a television, or computer monitor, would be using closer to 30-40 watts, just sitting there. Translating that into cost…you are paying about 12.5 cents per kilowatt in Madison, and if that’s something used 365 days a year, it’s going to add up over the year.”   Adam explains Project Home, a grantee of the Wisconsin low income Weatherization Assistance Program, “this year we are going to be in about 620 households in Madison areas and down in Green County. We make a lot of visits to people’s homes. Project Homes in particular addresses a lot of things that most homeowners would not address…[such as]air sealing and insulation in homes, mechanical system upgrades and efficiency, and ventilation issues for air safety.”   For more information about Project Homes, visit their website at You can also learn more about Wisconsin’s Focus on Energy at Listen to the entire interview here:   more »

Earth Wood & Fire Artist Tour

Friday, 26 October 2012 | buzz

  On Friday October 26, our host Jonathan Zarov talked about The Earth Wood and Fire Artist Tour with local arts and crafts style furniture maker, Bill Bale. The tour will be taking place this weekend, October 27 and 28, from 10 -5 p.m. in Cambridge, Wisconsin.   Says Bill, “All the artwork represents the elements of the earth. The jewelers, which take fire, furniture, which takes wood, and the painters are doing things with nature and of the world… We highlight 13 studios and a gallery in Jefferson, and we have other guests in the area that come in that are just a little bit outside our map region.”   Bill will also be hosting a jeweler, painter and potter at his studio. Other artists include “the fiberholics”, a group of women who weave baskets and other items using elements from nature, as well as another fiber artist who raises her own sheep, from which she makes the felt that she uses for her work. For a list of all of the artists featured in the tour, click here.   Visit for a full map of the tour and further details.   Listen to the clip here: more »

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