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Seeking Flight

Friday, 12 October 2012 | buzz

On Friday October 12, host Jonathan Zarov spoke with actor and administrator at Broom Street Theater, Jan Levine Thal, and actor Luke Kokinos about the play “Seeking Flight,” written by Joan Broadman, and directed by Malissa Lamont and Heather Renkin.   Seeking Flight is a play about two African Gray Parrots: one born in captivity and the other born in the wild. Both are stuck in a laboratory where they are subjected to a series of experiments that “test their ability to speak English and form concepts.” The play is based on several experiments that actually occurred from the 70s through the 90s that tested parrot language development. The play explores the topic of parrot intelligence. Says Levine Thal “The thesis of the play is that even in the best of circumstances, why keep parrots in captivity? There is a lot of controversy in the bird lovers’ world over this issue of doing all this language research, because what does that tell us? That parrots are smart. So what is important about this scientifically? So there’s a lot of controversy about this.”   The play, which Levine Thal describes as family friendly, will open at the Broom Street Theater on Oct 19 and run through Nov 10 every Thursday, Friday and Saturday at 8 PM.     Listen to the entire interview here: more »

Rubbery with Violets (Friday, June 29)

Friday, 29 June 2012 | buzz

Friday, June 29 our host Ankur Malhotra interviewed Jan Levine Thal and Heather Renkin from the Broom Street Theater for the production of Rubbery with Violets. Written by Siobhan Edge and directed by Jan Levine Thal, the play is filled with inept robbers, handsome policemen, and elderly women with odd problems. The play is rated PG 13 for language. The performances will run Thursday, Friday, Saturday in the time frame of Friday July 6-Saturday July 28 at the Broom Sweep Theater. For reservations or question call via phone (608) 244-8338 or check out the website more »

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