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Superweeds In Half Of All US Farms

Monday, 4 March 2013 | buzz
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Tom Philpott joined the 8 O’Clock Buzz on Monday, March 4, 2013. Philpott is the co-founder of Maverick Farms, an educational non-profit that promotes community resources and helps reconnect local food networks. Currently he writes the food and agriculture blog for Mother Jones. more »

LCV: Short Notice Public Hearing Helps Push Mining Industry Agenda

Wednesday, 23 January 2013 | buzz
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  Kerry Schumann, Executive Director of Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters spoke with Jan Miyasaki by phone this morning. She was at the State Capitol an hour before a public hearing about the controversial open pit mining bill. The bill was introduced last week on Wednesday, January 16th. “Basically the bill exempts the iron mining industry from our environmental protection [laws]. Things that protect our drinking water, lakes and streams…that every other person, individual or company in the state has to follow, the iron mining industry doesn’t have to follow that.” Schumann said in today’s interview. “This bill is allowing mining companies to dump toxic waste into sensitive wetlands”, said Schumann. The Wisconsin League of Conversation Voters is a non-profit group that is focused on public health and the environment. “We do that by advocating for strong environmental policies in the state Capitol …by electing pro-conservation champions and by connecting citizens from all over the state to what’s happening in the Capitol everyday.” Schumann said, sounding calm and collected moments before the hearing. Schumann told WORT that there were hundreds of concerned citizens from all over Wisconsin descending on the capitol today to confront the fast-tracked bill. Listen to the interview: more »

Shopping for Good

Wednesday, 12 December 2012 | A Public Affair

On Wednesday December 12th, host Tonya Brito interviewed author Dara O’Rourke about his recent book, “Shopping for Good.” Dara O’Rourke is Associate Professor of Environmental and Labor Policy at the University of California, Berkeley. He us also the Chairman of GoodGuide, Inc., a database for safe, healthy, green, and ethical products based on scientific ratings. He is author of “Community-Driven Regulation: Balancing Development and the Environment in Vietnam” (MIT Press) and coauthor of “Can We Put an End to Sweatshops?” “‘Buy local,’ ‘buy green,’ ‘buy organic,’ ‘fair trade’–how effective has the ethical consumption movement been in changing market behavior? Can consumers create fair and sustainable supply chains by shopping selectively? Dara O’Rourke, the activist-scholar who first broke the news about Nike’s sweatshops in the 1990s, considers the promise of ethical consumption–the idea that individuals, voting with their wallets, can promote better labor conditions and environmental outcomes globally. Governments have proven unable to hold companies responsible for labor and environmental practices. Consumers who say they want to support ethical companies often lack the knowledge and resources to do so consistently. But with the right tools, they may be able to succeed where governments have failed. Responding to O’Rourke’s argument, eight experts–Juliet Schor, Richard Locke, Scott Nova, Lisa Ann Richey, Margaret Levi, Andrew Szasz, Scott Hartley, and Auret van Herdeen–consider the connections between personal concerns and consumer activism, challenge the value of entrusting regulation to consumer efforts, and draw attention to difficulties posed by global supply chains.” -The MIT Press (September 21, 2012) Read more about “Shopping for Good:” Read more about Dara O’Rourke: Listen to the entire interview: more »

Mining Legislation: Al Gedicks

Thursday, 8 November 2012 | buzz
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On Thursday November 8, host Tony Castaneda speaks with UW Lacrosse Professor Al Gedicks about the resurgence in the mining rush, and the attempts to get rid of anti-mining environmental laws. Al Gedicks is also an organizer with the Midwest Coalition Against Lethal Mining (MCALM).   The reintroduction of the mining bill is a top priority on the agenda for the upcoming session. Al comments, “It is a fundamental assault on the environmental protections and the public participation provisions that have been won by environmental battles that have gone back to the 1970s. This is a bill that was written by [mining company] Gogebic Taconite in cooperation with Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce Association to pave the way for a gigantic open pit iron mine in the Penokee hills in the bad river water shed next to Lake Superior and next to the sacred rice wells of the Ojibwe tribe….” Al explains that the passing of this bill would “set a dangerous precedent for future mining proposals of which there are many…that could affect the environment, health, and economies of these northern communities.”   There is a resistance movement against the bill, Al reports, “a broad coalition of interests has mobilized to defeat that bill, AB 426 the iron mining bill, and will reconvene when the legislation does to work against the passing of that bill.”   There will be a discussion of the issue “Connecting Common Struggles: Destructive Mining in El Salvador and Wisconsin” this Sunday at Edgewood College. Community representatives from El Salvador and Wisconsin will come together to discuss the problems that their communities are facing with the mining threat and legislation.   6:30 – 8:00 PM Sunday November 11 Edgewood College, Washburn Heritage Room, Regina Hall   Listen to the entire interview here: more »

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