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Monday, June 2nd — Alliance for Animals Members Talk Vegan

Tuesday, 27 May 2014 | Access Hour

Members of Wisconsin’s Alliance for Animals discuss how and why one might have a vegan diet, including important good results and obstacles one might encounter. They talk about what a vegan lifestyle is, vegan health benefits, vegan recipes, and benefits for the earth and its plants, landscapes, and animals. The show also features Vegan Fest, which is happening just a few days after this radio broadcast. more »

Tuesday, June10 — thank yous

Tuesday, 11 June 2013 | Access Hour

This is just a quick entry to thank all the good people who pledged financial support to WORT during the last two editions of the Access Hour!   And I want to thank Lynn and her four associates who came on the air in a pinch last evening to do a program relating to the interests of the originally scheduled program host/performer who took sick just before her program was to go on. They were wonderful to produce a quick program and to be prepared to be interrupted by Paul’s and my “pledge rapping” to ask for money. more »

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