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Kevin Monroe: Monroe Real Training

Tuesday, 27 November 2012 | buzz
Kevin Monroe

On Tuesday November 27, our host Aaron Perry spoke with Kevin Monroe, from Monroe Real Training, an in-home personal fitness training business. The fitness business comes to peoples homes and offers fitness training, functional fitness equipment and nutritionist services. Kevin, previously a Marine, has a degree in Kinesiology from UW-Madison, and has taught health and physical education, managed a health club, and been a nutrition and prevention specialist, leading up to his work with Monroe Real Training. Kevin helps clients with body fitness and health, and he explains that he has even helped some of his clients lower their blood pressure medication. He says that he helps his clients by challenging them at their own fitness level. He talks about the stability ball, explaining the proper way to use it for cardio and abdominal exercises, “its quality versus quantity, making sure the back is safe.’ Kevin offers advice regarding the extra ‘holiday pounds’ acquired during the winter season, “I know this is a very busy time… If you can reserve 10 -15 minutes of a quick workout, just getting the heart rate up. 10 minute work outs are much better than 0 minute workouts. Any amount of movement matters, it all adds up.” He also recommends adding fruits and raw vegetables to the diet, and to make sure to drinks lots of water by carrying a water bottle. The typical calorie intake of the average individual is 2000 calories, Kevin explains. However, depending on lifestyle such as level of exercise, and the type of job performed, will have an effect on one’s metabolism and calorie need. Email Kevin at: Visit the website at Visit MonroeRealTraining on Facebook.   Listen to the entire interview here: more »

Raynard Jackson: Conservative Speaker

Tuesday, 27 November 2012 | buzz
Raynard Jackson

On Tuesday November 27, host Aaron Perry speaks with Raynard Jackson, President and CEO of Raynard Jackson and Associates, one of the most “highly sought after Conservative speakers in America.” A Republican conservative political consultant, Raynard works with Republican campaigns in Washington-DC. Raynard speaks with Aaron about the Republican Party, “After this election, there has been a tectonic shift in the mood and the dynamics of Washington DC,” Raynard explains. He comments that the Republicans did not run a good campaign during this presidential election, and explains why Romney did not win the election, “Romney did not have the ability to perform a coalition of people…black, Asians, Hispanics, whites, women, to win a majority.”   Aaron asks Raynard to explain what the Republican party must do now in order to recover from the election. He recommends, “Go into the Black, Hispanic, the female community, and listen… and then find a way to go back to DC to create policy based on the conservations had in those communities. Members of the republican leadership have tried to lecture me on what needs to be done in the black community.” He also addresses the issue he faces being African American and Republican. Raynard explains that blacks have actually been the most loyal voting bloc for the Republican party, historically. However, the votes began to shift to the Democratic party once they encountered the Depression, and racism after World War II. He has observed that Republicans do not place blacks in positions of power and authority, and that in order for the party to become stronger, it must begin placing blacks in positions of authority. “Republicans have got to have blacks on the staff level, where people are becoming chiefs of staff, press secretaries in the offices.”   Visit the Raynard Jackson and Associates website. Follow Raynard Jackson on Twitter @Raynard1223 Listen to the entire interview here: more »

Robert Pollin: Back to Full Employment

Tuesday, 20 November 2012 | buzz
by Robert Pollin

On Tuesday, Nov 20 host Aaron Perry speaks with economist Robert Pollin, author of Back to Full Employment. Robert, who has been an economics professor for thirty years, has been part of several policy initiatives, working with the Obama administration on the green jobs part of the stimulus program.   Robert explains what the country must do in order to strive towards full employment, “[Full employment] has to be the first priority. Unfortunately now, the debate in Washington is focused around what I consider to be a second order problem, which is the fiscal deficit to government borrowing more money than it takes in tax revenues. That problem will mainly go away if we get the economy back to full employment. We have to first focus on job creation, and then when people have jobs, they have more incomes, so they pay more income tax, they spend more, and they have more sales tax. So you get your revenue up by pushing the economy towards full employment. The first place we have to start is to recognize that full employment has to be the central issue.”   Aaron asks Robert to speak about a different theory posed by economists, which says that a small amount of unemployment is necessary to keep inflation in check. Robert says, “Inflation is in check. We have no inflation in the economy. If we were to get unemployment rates down to below 3%, maybe then it would be an issue. We are far, far from having that problem right now.” He also speaks about collective bargaining as a basic human right. He advocates for more collective bargaining, stronger unions, and says that this will be a key component in pushing the economy towards further employment. He also advocates for green jobs, explaining that it will be a great source of job creation, “it doesn’t mean that coal miners won’t get laid off. Coal miners will get laid off, and we need to protect their well being and their communities at the same time that we build a green economy.”   “The main thing we can do as citizens is to elect our political leaders and put pressure on them to make sure this is a primary concern, and not to buy into the notion that we have to face austerity – that we have to see our public sector cut back, that we can’t afford public schools, unionized workers, a decent health care system and social security. All of those things …. more »

Kim Sponem: Project Money

Tuesday, 20 November 2012 | buzz
Kim Sponem, Summit Credit Union

On Tuesday, Nov 20 our host Aaron Perry speaks with Kim Sponem, CEO and President of Summit Credit Union, to speak about the Project Money program. Launched in 2009, the program has had 16 family participants so far. Each year, four contestants are selected to compete for $10,000, and the remaining three receive $2,500. The contestants work with coaches provided by Summit Credit Union, to increase savings and decrease their debts. They also blog about their experiences, providing personal testimony and tips for saving money and reducing debt. “We want the community and our other members to learn from their experiences as they are going all. In addition to these 16 families we have had thousands of followers of these families over the years,” Kim explains. Kim reports that this year’s participants have already increased their savings by $25,000 and decreased their debts by $33,000.   Participants have praised the program, saying that they feel a much stronger control over their finances. Some participants have even said that it has helped with their family communication, since financial issues can create a large strain on families and marriages. The participants also develop strong connections with the coaches, who play an important role in helping them take charge of their finances. Kim says that the upcoming holiday season can pose a challenge for people trying to save or stay on track, “through all the higher unemployment people have experienced, I think we are seeing people be more cautious.” She recommends that everyone have an emergency fund, of at least $500, although the amount needed will vary based on each person’s needs and lifestyle. “$500 in a savings account, it has been shown, is enough for those unexpected surprises to prevent people from going to payday lenders, for example, and pay really high interest rates on those types of loans.”   Kim says that the need for better money management or saving transcends specific income levels, “You can be a high earning individual or family, and at the end of the month, not have anything saved. We work with people wherever they are.”   Visit for more information.   Listen to the entire interview here: more »

Black Student Union West High School

Tuesday, 13 November 2012 | buzz
West High School

On Tuesday November 13, our host Aaron Perry speaks with students from West High School’s Black Student Union. The Black Student Union was established in 2004, and provides a community for students that hold them accountable to grades, community services, and mentoring. There are mentors who come in to offer tutoring services to the students, and the students in turn do mentoring in elementary and middle schools. Sean Gray, who has been with the School District for ten years, is a coordinator of student engagement at West High School, and also head varsity assistant for the Basketball team and the defensive line and running back coach for the varsity football team. Layla, a senior, has been a member of BSU for four years. She heard about BSU from her sister and cousins, who explained “this is something that actually their lives, and how they looked at life in general.” She explains how being in BSU has changed her attitudes and priorities towards academic studies. Darrel, a junior, explains that prior to joining BSU, he was doing badly in school, “but once I got into the group…it created a very strong structure for my life, and created a big base to go forward and be successful.” They speak about the Soul Food Luncheon, held during Black History Month, an event the entire high school looks forward to. Apart from food, they have spoken word, music, readings about historical black people, and an opportunity for the school to come together.   Another member, Jennifer, who is a junior, explains that they will be taking a trip to Florida later this year, where the will visit several universities. In the past, they have visited historically black colleges, “I would personally like to go because it’s giving me an opportunity as a darker skinned person to actually get the privileges that the majority might get. It shows me what I am capable to do. If you don’t show people that they can go to these HBCU or Ivy League colleges, well then they have nothing to shoot for. If you give them the opportunity and show them something, then they can strive for the best.” Sean explains the importance of giving the students an opportunity to see and tour the historical black colleges, “if some of our kids leave and go to these historical black colleges, most of them will come home…if they leave and they get that experience come home, then we have better leaders and communities …. more »

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