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Tuesday, 22 May 2012 |

It was so great to see and/or meet many other community radio DJs, music promoters, label reps and artists at NonCommvention in Philadelphia last week! It’s always revitalizing to connect with like-minded peers and brainstorm solutions to our shared issues, and just to socialize with others with whom we have a lot in common. This year was no exception, plus the highlights of getting to see live radio broadcast performances by Lee Fields, JD McPherson, Willie Nelson and JC Brooks & The Uptown Sound was wonderful. I’ve recommended JC Brooks as a possible headliner for the Willy Street Fair here in Madison this September, and since they’ve only got to jump up here from Chicago, hopefully that’ll work out.

It’s no surprise that at #1 on our charts this week is Cheddar Revolution: Songs of Uprising, the Various Artists CD I produced of protest songs from Madison. Check out the page for free downloads, artwork, locations where CDs may be picked up [also free] and more at Most of the artists are from Wisconsin but NYC and Oakland, CA are also represented, as well as contributions from Wayne Kramer of the MC5 and Jon Langford of Mekons, Waco Bros. & more!! Please do take a moment now to listen to this timely, passionate music of many genres inspired by the Wisconsin Uprising, the “original occupation” — with Gov. Walker’s recall scheduled for June 5, the next 2 weeks are crucial for getting the word out, and we’re making a media push on select national levels. After that, who knows — it may become more of an historical document [hopefully] as it has been accepted into the Smithsonian Institutions’ permanent collection!  — or it may of necessity spawn further projects as the battle for America’s hearts and minds continues. Sound dramatic? You bet it is–for many of us, this is the most important struggle of our lives, and for our lives. Thanks so much for any support you can give us; again, see the website at for more info and music, and feel free to contact me with your ideas and feedback.

If I’d have been able to play one song from it at the Noncommvention’s Music Roundtable, where we review new indie music, it would’ve been by the German Art Students –”The Power And The Trust”

More on what’s being spun on WORT this week:
Amadou et Mariam will be here this summer to kick off our festival season in fine style, and they top our World chart this week. Local faves Reptile Palace Orchestra have made the official release of their 3rd full length album of rockin’ global music; they’ll be on tour this summer, and Sierra Leone Refugee All Stars are playing Madison on Sun. June 3. Looking at our top 30, Black Bananas saw a resurgence as they just played here Monday night; M. Ward was also in town Wednesday, May 23. If you haven’t checked out The Hussy & are a fan of lo-fi garage psych, this Madison duo has been touring heavily and are a no-miss live show! Andre Williams put most of us to shame by releasing 3 albums in the last few months–we just can’t get enough of his dirty soul…Foxy Shazam, Polica, Bassnectar, Ty Segall & Alejandro Escovedo all played here recently to great acclaim, and of course in the Madison area the aforementioned Wisconsin protest music cd has been getting tons of play — we are not “working” it for charts, but this music needs to be heard widely as similar struggles occur across the Midwest, NYC, Oakland and more. Thanks again for your support. We have 2 weeks of pledge drive starting Weds. May 30, so no music tracking phone calls can be taken on 5/30 or 6/6. Also, there’s a soft launch of our beautiful new state-of-the-art website happens within the week–we’ll be doing a lot more blogging, links, embedding, and offering you expanded opportunities nationwide for promotion and underwriting, so stay tuned!!

Sybil A.

Music Director
Sybil has been with the station since 1991 and became a member of the staff collective in 1995. She co-hosts Psychoacoustics with Bad Sister Heidi.

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