LCV: Short Notice Public Hearing Helps Push Mining Industry Agenda

Wednesday, 23 January 2013 | buzz


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Kerry Schumann, Executive Director of Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters spoke with Jan Miyasaki by phone this morning. She was at the State Capitol an hour before a public hearing about the controversial open pit mining bill. The bill was introduced last week on Wednesday, January 16th.

“Basically the bill exempts the iron mining industry from our environmental protection [laws]. Things that protect our drinking water, lakes and streams…that every other person, individual or company in the state has to follow, the iron mining industry doesn’t have to follow that.” Schumann said in today’s interview.

“This bill is allowing mining companies to dump toxic waste into sensitive wetlands”, said Schumann.

The Wisconsin League of Conversation Voters is a non-profit group that is focused on public health and the environment. “We do that by advocating for strong environmental policies in the state Capitol …by electing pro-conservation champions and by connecting citizens from all over the state to what’s happening in the Capitol everyday.” Schumann said, sounding calm and collected moments before the hearing. Schumann told WORT that there were hundreds of concerned citizens from all over Wisconsin descending on the capitol today to confront the fast-tracked bill.

Listen to the interview:

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