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Tuesday, 23 July 2013 | buzz

Haywood Simmons joined our host Aaron Perry on the 8 O’clock Buzz to discuss Phitness Plus.

Haywood Simmons is not only the owner and founder of this radical “phitness” program, but also a former Badger football star. He started at UW-Madison in ’91 and was on the team for the school’s first Rose Bowl win in ’93-’94.

In addition, Haywood struggled with obesity, diabetes and high blood pressure as a child.

His motto is “don’t let illness force you to exercise”. At Phitness Plus they receive a wide variety of clients – from the 20′s who want to keep their beach body, to the 38-40′s who are receiving a wake up call. At Phitness Plus they work on more than just fitness, they focus on the mindset and psychological part of fitness and training and emphasize an open and honest relationship between trainer and client. The advantage to being in fitness, Haywood says is, “Taking control of your body and mind.”

So how do you keep motivated? Well you have to first set a why, and it has to be bigger than yourself.

To get more information about Phitness Plus call 608-297-5413 or visit them online.



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