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Each Monday a different community group or individual hosts the show. Assistance is provided with recording a promotional announcement to be aired the week prior to the show and with sound board engineering the night of the show. In order to keep the show accessible, any individual or group is limited to one show per year. The Access Hour is often booked several months in advance. To sign up to host an Access Hour show, call Ken Rineer at 256-2001 on Monday evenings or e-mail

Monday, March 11 — The Access Hour Farm Report

03/5/13 12:47 PM | Access Hour

A Farm Report Access Hour: Delia Gallo, head farmer lady at King’s Hill Farm, plays songs about farming, gardening and dirt. A variety of genres from classic country or 70s punk rock will flavor the mix and the discussion will include sustainable agriculture opportunities in our community.

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Monday, March4th — A Look at Project Home

02/26/13 10:52 AM | Access Hour

Project Home focuses on improving the quality and affordability of housing for low-to-moderate income residents in Dane and Green Counties. Coordinator Jason Hafeman and folks from Project Home will talk on the air about its work and its people! Project Home’s programs include “Hammer with a Heart,” a local program to do major home repairs at no cost for low-income homeowners. There’s also a weatherization program and a “Paint-a thon” to assist residents whose homes are in desperate need of exterior mpain but whose owners are unable to pay for the work or do it themselves. Listeners’ calls will be welcome, but the program will be broken up and bent around the WORT winter-spring pledge drive so WORT’d like callers to ….

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Monday, February 25 — Sara and Stephanie’s “The Nothing Show”

02/20/13 12:20 PM | Access Hour

The Nothing Show – Sara and Steph will talk and converse and rant and wonder about a variety of things like…what are those white pimples on your tongue? what do they do? can they be ignored?…who names nail polishes and other beauty products? will these ideas work?…is watching a movie that is a book in closed caption considered “reading the book?” and can you get college credit for it?…kids versus pets?…library book anxieties…the scary world of leftovers… and how they might get their laundry dry after it’s been frozen in the back of the car…

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Monday, February 18 — June and Sandy Talk Taxes

02/12/13 9:04 AM | Access Hour

June and Sandy, H&R Block tax preparers and WORT listener sponsors, will talk taxes and answer questions that might come in while they’re on the air. A bit about the Health Care mandates, the IRS delay of some forms for electronic filing, the tax credits and deductions that were extended at the very end of 2012, and some assorted filing tips for Wisconsin tax returns. Just in time…

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Monday February 11 — Dr. Jody, holistic veterinarian

02/5/13 9:26 AM | Access Hour

Dr. Jody Bearman, a locally practicing veterinarian, helps us see how Chinese medicine, homeopathy, T-Touch, Reiki, and other healing modalities help our animal friends too. She’ll take calls also at 608-256-2001 or 866-899-W-O-R-T.

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Monday February 4 — The 11X15 Campaign for Justice

01/29/13 9:38 AM | Access Hour

Members of WISDOM and individuals associated with the Wisconsin prison systems discuss the 11X15 Campaign for Justice to decrease the number of incarcerated people in Wisconsin and promote alternatives to incarceration in the state by 2015. The program features discussion, contact information, what listeners to the program can do, and responses to listener phone calls. To prepare for the program or to follow up afterward, more information about the Campaign can be found in the internet at

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Monday, January 28 — the Thursday Fiction Writers Group

01/22/13 12:23 PM | Access Hour

This week’s Access Hour is produced by the Thursday morning fiction writers group. They’ll share stories from the imaginations of five Madison-area writers. The readings’ll be drawn from works including flash fiction, short stories, and novels currently underway by the group members. They also can discuss the group’s process of critiquing and mutual support that helps them each do better.

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Monday, January 21 — No Access Hour scheduled this week

01/16/13 9:48 AM | Access Hour

The Access Hour does not have a program scheduled for this evening because WORT’s live broadcast of the Martin Luther King Day celebration downtown could run beyond 7 pm. The live broadcast is expected to continue past 7 pm until its conclusion. The Something Wonderful music program is expected to air at 8 pm as usual. The Access Hour will air again on Monday, January 28, with the “Thursday Writers Group” and continue on from there through the season.

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Monday January 14 — singer-songwriter-poet Carell Casey

01/11/13 10:05 AM | Access Hour

The Monday January 14 Access Hour is produced by local singer-songwriter-poet Carell Casey. Carell performs mostly her own songs and other pieces live in the studio and plays tracks from her CD. She also reads some of her own poetry and prose. We’d like to thank Carell for accepting this date on short notice after originally requesting one farther into the season.

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Monday — January 14, 2013 — Piano Music of Matthew Hollingsworth

01/8/13 3:15 PM | Access Hour

Janesville pianist and composer Matthew Hollingsworth has been working on a new album of original piano music that he hopes to finish this winter. He’ll feature this music during this week’s Access Hour! Note: Matthew had to cancel for family reasons. He’ll reschedule some time in the future.

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