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Tuesday Buzz: October 9th

10/9/12 11:22 AM | buzz

Lester Moore   In this special Pledge Drive edition, host Aaron Perry spoke with Kathleen Starks about the challenges parents face in raising mixed race children.   Aaron also spoke to Lester More of the Madison Police Department about community safety initiatives.   Listen to today’s program:  

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As Goes Janesville

10/3/12 1:28 PM | buzz

AsGoesJanesvillePoster Janesville, Wisconsin, has entered the national spotlight.   It’s home to Congressman Paul Ryan, now Republican nominee for Vice President, but also to a shuttered automobile assembly plant and a wrecked economy. A new film called As Goes Janesville tells the story of those in Janesville struggling to retool after the closing of the GM auto plant.   Liz DiNovella sat down with Brad Lichtenstein, Producer and Director of As Goes Janesville.   AsGoesJanesville by wort-fm   You can watch the movie trailer here. The film airs on TV nationwide on Monday, October 8th. PBS has a nice site up about it. Catch it on Wisconsin Public Television at 9pm. It ….

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Grain & Grape

09/20/12 1:58 PM | buzz

On Friday, August 3 our host Jonathan Zarov interviewed George Zenns, reporter from Sustainable Times, as well as the Editor of the Grain & Grape. They discuss Grain & Grape, a magazine dedicated to Spirits, Wine, and other alcoholic beverages. Grain and Grape will be distributed in local brewerys or any place that has a fine selection of spirits. Listen to the interview, click:

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Voces de la Frontera

08/2/12 12:38 PM | buzz

On Thursday, August 2 our host Tony Castaneda interviewed Christine Neumann-Ortiz, the Founding Executive Director of Voces de la Frontera. Voces de la Frontera is Wisconsin’s leading immigrant rights group. Christine and Tony discuss how Voces de la Fontera has filed a lawsuit, claiming Republicans developed redistricting maps in secret, to strengthen their majorities, deliberately shutting out the public and the Democrats. For more information on Voces de la Frontera, visit their website: http://www.vdlf.org/

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Mike Quieto

08/2/12 12:24 PM | buzz

Thursday, August 2 our host Tony Castaneda interviewed Mike Quieto, a candidate running for Dane County Clerk. Last week WORT interviewed one of his competitors, Scott McDonell. For more information on Mike Quieto, visit his website: http://mike4daneclerk.com/

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Are you targeted?

08/1/12 3:24 PM | buzz

Wednesday, August 1 our host Jan Miyasaki, interviewed Lois Beckett a reporter from ProPublica, a non-profit organization that produces news based on the public’s interest. Lois and Jan discuss how campaign runners target voters based on their internet habits. For more information on Lois Beckett and the articles she wrote, visit this website: http://www.propublica.org/site/author/lois_beckett

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Lanterns for Peace

08/1/12 3:11 PM | buzz

Wednesday, August 1 our host Jan Miyasaki interviewed Pam Kleiss, the Executive Director of Physicians for Social Responsibility. Jan and Pam discuss the Lantern for Peace event that is occurring on August 4th, as well as the anniversary of the bombing of Hiroshima. For more information on the Lanterns for Peace event, visit this website: http://www.peaceactionwi.org/index.php

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Stan Woodard farewell invitation

07/31/12 2:44 PM | buzz

On Tuesday, July 31 our host Aaron Perry interviewed Stan Woodard, ex-host of the Tuesday buzz for the last 15 years. They discuss Stan’s leave of the station as well as Stan’s last show, which will take place at the Urban League in front of a large studio audience on August 14, from 8am-9am. For more information about the Farewell Show, call WORT at 608-256-2001, or visit the studio at 118 south bedford st.

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DAIS ahead

07/31/12 2:26 PM | buzz

Tuesday, July 31 our host Aaron Perry interviewed Shannon Barry, the Executive Director at Domestic Abuse Intervention Services, an organization which has worked passionately and effectively to ensure the safety and well-being of domestic violence survivors and their families, and to change societal attitudes that perpetuate violence and the abuse of power. For more information on Dais, visit their website: http://abuseintervention.org

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Mustard for Us All

07/31/12 2:16 PM | buzz

Tuesday, July 31 our host Aaron Perry, interviewed Barry Levenson, Founder and Curator of the Mustard Museum. Listen to the interview as Aaron and Barry discuss the Mustard Museum for National Mustard day. For more information, visit the website: http://mustardmuseum.com/

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