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A Public Affair is WORT‘s daily hour-long talk program. It aims to engage listeners in a conversation on social, cultural, and political issues of importance. The guests range from local activists and scholars to notable national and international figures.

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Syria, the Middle East, and More

06/26/12 1:34 PM | A Public Affair

For the first half of the program today, Cynthia Lin interviewed University of Wisconsin Communication Arts Assistant Professor Karma Chavez about queer justice, migrant rights, and international solidarity work. During the second half of the show, Cynthia interviewed Dr. Naseer Aruri, Chancellor Professor (Emeritus) of Political Science at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth about the situation in Syria. To read more about Dr. Naseer Aruri: http://imeu.net/news/article005787.shtml       To listen to the entire interview:

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Should Cabs Be Allowed on State Street?

06/25/12 12:05 PM | A Public Affair

Brenda Konkel interviewed Christina Ballard today regarding Madison Mayor Paul Soglin’s expressed opposition to cabs cruising on State Street. This has angered many cab drivers who have driven on State Street for decades and assert that they help keep the street, with its many bars, safe.   To read more about the controversy: http://host.madison.com/news/local/article_3df6c60e-bc1b-11e1-be85-001a4bcf887a.html#ixzz1ypWC6QZP       To listen to the entire interview:

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NATO Dealings in the Middle East

06/21/12 12:05 PM | A Public Affair

Allen interviewed Rick Rozoff from “Stop NATO.com.” They discussed conflicts across the Middle East and how, according to Rozoff, NATO has exacerbated these conflicts through select and ultimately detrimental intervention. “Stop NATO is a continuation of an e-mail mailing list started in 1999. Its main purpose is to document and oppose global militarist trends and an expanding theater of war that began in the Balkans in the 1990s and has since expanded into South Asia, the Middle East and Africa.” -Stop NATO.com To read more from Stop NATO.com: http://rickrozoff.wordpress.com/about/ To listen to the entire interview:    

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Failing Law Schools

06/20/12 12:05 PM | A Public Affair

Tonya interviewed legal scholar Professor Brian Tamanaha about his new book “Failing Law Schools.” “Growing concern with the crisis in legal education has led to high-profile coverage in the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times, and many observers expect it soon will be the focus of congressional scrutiny. Bringing to the table his years of experience from within the legal academy, Tamanaha has provided the perfect resource for assessing what’s wrong with law schools and figuring out how to fix them.” – University of Chicago Press Books To read more about “Failing Law Schools”: http://www.press.uchicago.edu/ucp/books/book/chicago/F/bo14279340.html To listen to the whole interview:        

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Situation in Afghanistan

06/19/12 12:05 PM | A Public Affair

Cynthia interviewed Shelly Kittleson a freelance journalist who just wrapped a trip in Afghanistan. She has also spent time in Syria and has published some interviews with Syrian dissidents.   To read more from Kittleson: http://www.italianinsider.it/?q=node/332 To listen to the entire interview:  

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Elections in Egypt and G20 Protests

06/18/12 12:00 PM | A Public Affair

During the first half of the show, Norm Stockwell interviewed Sharif Abdel Kouddous, Democracy Now!’s Senior News Producer, on the elections in Egypt. In the next segment David Alvarado discussed Mexican media, upcoming elections and G20 protests in Los Cabos. On Sunday Egyptians participated in a presidential election that many had hoped would mark a transition to legitimate democracy. The military junta, however, has squashed this dream in their reluctance to let go of power. Kouddous told Dempcracy Now!, “Right now Egypt is in a state where there’s no parliament, no constitution or even a clear process for drafting one, and a presidential runoff that will leave Egypt with a ruler who will be a very divisive president.” He ….

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“Wisconsin’s Recall Election: An Ominous Crucible of U.S. Politics.”

06/15/12 12:38 PM | A Public Affair

Esty Dinur discusses the aftermath of the Recall election with Arun Gupta, editor of the Indypendent, and Eric Cobb, former executive director of Building Trades Council Of South Central Wisconsin. Gupta wrote in his article in the Guardian, “The right threw resources into Scott Walker’s anti-union fight, while the Democratic party stood by. That’s a recipe for defeat.” Esty, Arun and Eric discuss the failures of the Democratic party in the Recall election. To read Gupta’s article in the Guardian: http://www.guardian.co.uk/commentisfree/2012/jun/06/wisconsin-recall-election-ominous-crucible-us-politics To listen to the interview in its entirety:

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Future of Progressives in Wisconsin and the Nation

06/14/12 1:36 PM | A Public Affair

Allen interviewed editor of The Progressive magazine Matt Rothschild. After the victory of Scott Walker and Conservatives on June 5th, Allen and Matt discussed the missteps in the recall efforts and the future of Progressives in the state. “Matthew Rothschild is the editor of The Progressive magazine, which is one of the leading voices for peace and social justice in this country. Rothschild has appeared on Nightline, C-SPAN, The O’Reilly Factor, and NPR, and his newspaper commentaries have run in the Chicago Tribune, the L.A. Times, the Miami Herald, and a host of other newspapers. Rothschild is the host of “Progressive Radio,” a syndicated half-hour weekly interview program” -The Progressive To read more about The Progressive magazine: http://www.progressive.org/ To ….

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Helios Solar

06/13/12 12:46 PM | A Public Affair

Mike Moon interviewed Helios Solar’s General Manager Brent Brucker. Brent Brucker discussed the solar energy market and his company. He stressed the need for alternative forms of energy and the need to buy these products locally. Helios Solar Works is headquartered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and manufactures high-performance mono-crystalline solar modules for solar electric systems. To read more about Helio Solar: http://www.heliossolarworks.com/company/leadership/ To listen to the interview:

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The Autism Puzzle

06/12/12 2:09 PM | A Public Affair

Cynthia Lin and guest co-host Anjuli Brekke interviewed Brita Belli about her new book “The Autism Puzzle, Connecting the Dots Between Environmental Toxins and Rising Autism Rates.” “The alarming spike in autism in recent years has sent doctors and parents on a search for answers. And while many controversies have erupted around the issue, none have gotten us any closer to an explanation, and many key concerns remain unexplored. Moving beyond the distractions of the vaccine debate, The Autism Puzzle (Seven Stories Press; April 7, 2012)is the first book to address the mounting evidence that the pairing of environmental exposures with genetic susceptibilities may be impacting the brain development of children.” -Seven Stories Press   To learn more about ….

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A Public Affair is WORT's daily hour-long talk program. It aims to engage listeners in a conversation on social, cultural, and political issues of importance. The guests range from local activists and scholars to notable national and international figures.

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