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Empty Orchestra

10/12/12 11:55 AM | buzz

UW On Friday October 12, our host Jonathan Zarov spoke with db. Pederson, who is performing with Empty Orchestra. Empty Orchestra, presented by Jin-Wen Yu Dance and the UW-Madison Dance Department, is “a cross-cultural contemporary dance concert celebrating Jin-Wen Yu’s return to Madison after a year of sabbatical, during which he traveled extensively to explore different modes and meanings of movement. ” (UW School of Education Events) The show runs October 11 – 13 at the Margaret H’Doubler Performance Space at the UW School of Dance. Empty Orchestra is the “literal translation of karaoke” db explains, “…the empty orchestra indicates… the orchestra without the singer. And what we’re doing with movement…its a suite of pieces put together.. we’re trying to give the sense of imitation, mimicry… so there’s an interplay among all the members. For me karaoke is very valuable…you take something you’re not a professional at, and you come forward as amateurishly as possible, you put your heart and soul on the line, and you step up to it.” The performance involves components of improvisation as well, “there is a recorded piece involving several songs…samples of songs that are taken. A lot of live looping and at least three improv pieces”   See Empty Orchestra at the Margaret H’Doubler Performance Space at Lathrop Hall on October11, 12 and 13. Tickets are available at the UW Theater Box Office.   Listen to the entire interview here:

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400 Saturdays: An Anthology of Vinyl Folklore

10/12/12 11:17 AM | buzz

Kim Johnson-Bair's new release "400 Saturdays: An Anthology of Vinyl Folklore" On Friday October 12, host Jonathan Zarov spoke about Kim Johnson-Bair’s new book 400 Saturdays: An Anthology of Vinyl Folklore.   Kim Johnson-Bair began this project six years ago when she decided to work a story based on the experience of vinyl listening. She recounts listening to vinyls every Saturday morning with her brother growing up. Explains DB, “it was their evolution and maturity into actively listening to music”. In the book, Kim provides the personal stories of many, and their relationship to and experience with vinyl listening. DB describes his own experience with vinyl, “there’s a nostalgia to vinyl… there’s a commonality, there’s an unspoken dialogue about vinyl.” He speaks about the manner in which vinyl provides the listener with a music experience very different than an 8-track tape, cassette or CD would. Vinyl was “an intractable piece of my childhood” explains DB, “its more than just recorded music. There’s an entire story, your band’s photographs, the artworks that come with it…you are on the journey.”   The Official release party for 400 Saturdays is this Tuesday Oct 16 at 6 PM, at the High Noon Saloon during happy hour.     Listen to the entire interview here:

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Tech Report: iPhone 5

10/12/12 11:03 AM | buzz

iPhone5 In the Friday October 12 Tech Report, host Jonathan Zarov spoke with Sandee Seiberlich about the newly released iPhone 5. Says Sandee, “It is a much faster processor, and it has a nicer display. With its release came the release of iOs 6 – which will affect a lot of people.” All iPhone users from 3GS and up and those with the generation 4 iTouch can upgrade to this new operating system.”   Sandee discusses several improvements and features that come with the new phone.The iPhone 5 is taller, thinner, and has a higher quality resolution than before. It is also lighter and weight, has a 4 inch screen that enables one to fit an extra row of icons on the screen, and now has aluminum on the back instead of glass. The design of the earbuds has also changed so as to better fit the ear. Among some of the controversial decisions includes the replacement of Google maps with Apple maps, and the fact that YouTube no longer appears as a standard application on the screen: it must be added by the user.     Listen to the entire interview here:

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Seeking Flight

10/12/12 10:57 AM | buzz

SeekingFlight On Friday October 12, host Jonathan Zarov spoke with actor and administrator at Broom Street Theater, Jan Levine Thal, and actor Luke Kokinos about the play “Seeking Flight,” written by Joan Broadman, and directed by Malissa Lamont and Heather Renkin.   Seeking Flight is a play about two African Gray Parrots: one born in captivity and the other born in the wild. Both are stuck in a laboratory where they are subjected to a series of experiments that “test their ability to speak English and form concepts.” The play is based on several experiments that actually occurred from the 70s through the 90s that tested parrot language development. The play explores the topic of parrot intelligence. Says Levine Thal “The thesis of the play is that even in the best of circumstances, why keep parrots in captivity? There is a lot of controversy in the bird lovers’ world over this issue of doing all this language research, because what does that tell us? That parrots are smart. So what is important about this scientifically? So there’s a lot of controversy about this.”   The play, which Levine Thal describes as family friendly, will open at the Broom Street Theater on Oct 19 and run through Nov 10 every Thursday, Friday and Saturday at 8 PM.     Listen to the entire interview here:

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Economic Democracy Conference

10/11/12 11:01 AM | buzz

Economic Democracy Conference In this special pledge drive edition on Thursday October 11, Tony Castaneda spoke with Norman Stockwell, who will be speaking at and taking part in the Economic Democracy Conference, taking place in Madison this Oct 11 – 14.   This is “the first ever conference of its kind” explains Stockwell, “Madison is really…a very appropriate place to have this [conference] because Dane County… has the highest concentration of co-ops and collectives in the country. So we really have been a laboratory for economic democracy right here in Madison… probably for about 150 years.” With the growing disillusionment of the economic structures we are faced with today, the vast array of organizational structures and collectives that are present in Madison offers an ideal platform upon which discussions of economic democracy can be built upon. Offering one such example of the increasing consolidation of power, Stockwell points that simply in the media sector alone, the number of companies that jointly own all of the media in the nation has sharply decreased in the last thirty years: from about fifty companies in the 1980s to about six today. “And so you have these experiments in a different form of organization that are about local control of local economies and about participatory democracy…and you combine that together into the economic democracy conference.”   Stockwell, along with panelists Robert McChesney and John Nichols, will be speaking about media democracy and democratic control of the media in workshop “Transforming the Media” this Friday at 2:00 PM.   Economic Democracy Conference Oct 11 – Oct 14 Madison College 211 North Carroll Street Madison, WI 53704   For more information about the conference and to view the full schedule of speakers, visit economicdemocracyconference.org   There is a registration fee to attend the conference. Also available is a reduced low-income and student fee. For registration fees click here.   Listen to the full interview here:

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Fight Against HIV/AIDS

10/10/12 11:52 AM | buzz

Dr. Kamiar Alaei On Wednesday October 10, Jan Miyasaki interviewed brothers Dr. Kamiar Alaei, MD, MPH, MS and Dr. Arash Alaei, MD. Dr. Kamiar Alaei will be speaking tonight at the Pyle Center.   Dr. Kamiar Alaei, who is an expert on HIV/AIDS and international and human rights, and his brother Dr. Arash Alaei founded the first triangular clinic for drug users HIV patients and STD cases in Iran. Their work, which has been extended into neighboring Afghanistan and Tajikistan, has been acknowledged by the World Health Organization as the “best practice model” in the region. The triangular clinic was designed as a community-based model, with which they integrated prevention care and social support. Rather than approaching policy makers, they decided to address the target-group: those living with HIV/AIDS. Dr. Alaei describes the Iranian government’s response to the HIV epidemic, “the policymakers stigmatized the HIV/AIDS from the beginning, and they highlighted that it is a western disease.” They believed that Iran, being a Muslim nation, did not face this problem. Though incidence reports increased, policymakers continued to ignore the issue. The Alaei brothers were instrumental in developing a major health proposal that was awarded $16 million by the Global Fund to Fight HIV/AIDS. Despite their work in public health and efforts spent with individuals suffering from HIV/AIDS, the brothers were imprisoned by the Iranian government in 2008. Citing their travel around the world to attend international AIDS conferences as the grounds for this charge, the government charged the brothers as conspiring to work with a “foreign enemy government” to overthrow the government of Iran. Drs. Kamiar and Arash Alaei will speak on the UW Madison campus Wednesday, October 10, from 6:00 – 8:00 PM. The event is at the Pyle Center on 702 Langdon St. It is free and open to the public. For more information contact: Prof. Joe Elder, PhD [elder@ssc.wisc.edu] Prof. Azam Niroomand-Rad, PhD [azam@georgetown.edu] Listen to the interview:

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10/10/12 11:27 AM | buzz

Bainport Protest, from bainport.com On Wednesday Oct 10, Jan Miyasaki spoke with Tom Gaulrapp regarding the outsourcing of jobs to China at the Bain Capital owned Sensata Technologies Plant in Freeport, Illinois. Protesting at Bainport, a tent city that has been set up across the Sensata Plant, Tom Gaulrapp, who has worked at the plant for more than thirty-three years, is one of many workers who is about to lose their job.170 jobs are planned to be sent to China, along with American workers training their replacements and sending factory equipment to China. The plant produces high technology automotive parts. It produces transmission sensors, parts extremely vital for the car, for a large majority of the manufacturers in the world. Now, because there are few other well-paying jobs other than those that were offered by the plant, Freeport is a town that, much like other towns in the Midwest that are facing similar situations, is suffering economically. Not only will the 170 people and their families be affected by the outsourcing of jobs, but so will the surrounding small businesses in the community: the loss of jobs will affect Freeport as a whole.   When asked to recount how and when Bain Capital decided to outsource the jobs to China, Gaulrapp explained “Sensata Technologies, formerly a division of Texas Instruments, was purchased by Bain Capital in 2006; in January 2011, Bain Capital purchased the automotive sensor division from Honeywell, after which the workers were told that their jobs would be moved to China by the end of 2012.” Workers were faced with few other options other than to remain at the plant to finish their terms. In fact, says Gaulrapp, not only did the company fail to provide the workers with adequate compensation, “they changed the severance plan, which then Sensata said they were going to match the new plan, but not the old plan… what it did for me personally, is that it cut my severance pay from 47 weeks down to 27 weeks.”   The protestors are into the twenty-ninth day of their encampment at Bainport where they are raising awareness regarding outsourcing and the dangers this poses to the economy. Attempts to prevent the move of equipment out of the factory were met by arrests by police, just one example of the resistance shown to the protestors. According to Gaulrapp, the company did set a record last year for profitability. Gaulrapp wants to show the hypocrisy of Mitt Romney, co-founder of Bain Capital – “[Romney] says he wants ….

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Tuesday Buzz: October 9th

10/9/12 11:22 AM | buzz

Lester Moore   In this special Pledge Drive edition, host Aaron Perry spoke with Kathleen Starks about the challenges parents face in raising mixed race children.   Aaron also spoke to Lester More of the Madison Police Department about community safety initiatives.   Listen to today’s program:  

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As Goes Janesville

10/3/12 1:28 PM | buzz

AsGoesJanesvillePoster Janesville, Wisconsin, has entered the national spotlight.   It’s home to Congressman Paul Ryan, now Republican nominee for Vice President, but also to a shuttered automobile assembly plant and a wrecked economy. A new film called As Goes Janesville tells the story of those in Janesville struggling to retool after the closing of the GM auto plant.   Liz DiNovella sat down with Brad Lichtenstein, Producer and Director of As Goes Janesville.   AsGoesJanesville by wort-fm   You can watch the movie trailer here. The film airs on TV nationwide on Monday, October 8th. PBS has a nice site up about it. Catch it on Wisconsin Public Television at 9pm. It will also screen at the Sequoya branch of the Madison Public Library at 1pm on Saturday, October 20th.

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Grain & Grape

09/20/12 1:58 PM | buzz

On Friday, August 3 our host Jonathan Zarov interviewed George Zenns, reporter from Sustainable Times, as well as the Editor of the Grain & Grape. They discuss Grain & Grape, a magazine dedicated to Spirits, Wine, and other alcoholic beverages. Grain and Grape will be distributed in local brewerys or any place that has a fine selection of spirits. Listen to the interview, click:

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