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Each Monday a different community group or individual hosts the show. Assistance is provided with recording a promotional announcement to be aired the week prior to the show and with sound board engineering the night of the show. In order to keep the show accessible, any individual or group is limited to one show per year. The Access Hour is often booked several months in advance. To sign up to host an Access Hour show, call Ken Rineer at 256-2001 on Monday evenings or e-mail

Monday, June 3 — Bricks of Truth

05/29/13 9:01 AM | Access Hour

The June 3, On-Air Pledge Drive edition of the Access Hour is hosted by Ken Rotar, author of Bricks of Truth, a collection of statements, thoughts, and aphorisms that he has conceived and compiled. Ken also hosts a call-in program on the UW-Madison radio station. He and his associate(s) will be talking about topics of the day and asking for you to call to discuss, examine, or take issue with his ideas! Just as a warning, interspersed 2 or 3 times with Ken’s program activities will be WORT volunteers asking the listenership to pledge support for WORT and for the Access Hour in particular.

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Monday, May 27th — The Legacy of Spencer Bell

05/21/13 9:23 AM | Access Hour

A program will be held in early June to celebrate the legacy and life of the artist, musician, and poet Spencer Bell. Spencer lost his life to adrenal cancer at the age of 20. His family, friends, and fans will come together the second weekend in June to commemorate his legacy and to raise awareness of adrenal cancer. Host Ben Graupner will present a program on this Monday’s Access Hour showcasing Spencer’s work and life to give us a picture of him before the event.

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Monday, May 20 — Memorial to Laurie Mlatawou

05/14/13 9:40 AM | Access Hour

A “Laurie Mlatawou Memorial Show” — Norm Stockwell and Joyce Fox produce a program in memory of Laurie Mlatawou on the one-year anniversary of her passing.

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Monday, May 13 — Madison East and La Follette Kids of 2012-2013

05/7/13 9:51 AM | Access Hour

WORT news volunteer and Madison teacher Helena White presents her seventh annual program of words, thoughts, and music from the kids of East High. This year, kids of La Follette High join them. A student or two are also to be in the station to introduce the presented pieces and maybe offer some teen perspective.

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Monday, May 6 — So What Do You Know About Beloit?

05/1/13 9:32 AM | Access Hour

The originally-scheduled host, Dr. V, has had to cancel and will reschedule for some time in the fall. But, some kids from the south part of the listening area have jumped in on short notice to produce an exciting program…about Beloit Memorial High School and its home, the city of Beloit! So you think you know about Beloit? Poor Rock River city?…lost industry?…poorest school district in the state?…disadvantaged?…rich lady talking to Governor Walker about crushing unions with right-to-work laws?…. There’s more! A bunch of students from Beloit Memorial High School will produce an Access Hour program to showcase their school — it’s more than a losing football team! They’ll talk about their award-winning newspaper, the Increscent, the oldest student paper in Wisconsin, and their Tommy-winning theater production — they’re up for the Tommy again this year — and other very cool stuff about one of the hidden gems of the state! The school sits along the Rock River in the center of town, which is beautiful there, with parkland and bike paths…beginning to sound like Madison…

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Monday, April 29 — Savage Class War Radio Returns

04/24/13 3:59 PM | Access Hour

Carl and Mark return from the battle lines to discuss the latest trials labor’s been facing in the Madison area and Wisconsin. They’ll mix in some inspiring music and maybe take calls if you’d like. Lots of good shout outs to those on the front lines, too.

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Monday, April 22 — Mike Shaffner plays the music and humor of Christopher Guest

04/18/13 5:26 PM | Access Hour

Mike Shaffner presents a program of the music of Christopher Guest’s films and also of the comedy sketches of Saturday Live and stuff like that….before his newest little one arrives in early May…

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Monday, April 15 — Robbie B and the Wayback Machine

04/9/13 10:18 AM | Access Hour

It’s time to juice the transmitter tubes and blow off the cobwebs on the WORT turntables again, this time as Robbie B and his way-back machine take us back to the 1950s to celebrate the sock hop craze. We’re talking poodle skirts, ankle socks, and saddle shoes…

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Monday, April 8 — Madison Postpartum Peers

04/2/13 10:55 AM | Access Hour

Madison Postpartum Peers provides information on its peer groups and demystifies (and destigmatizes!) postpartum mental health challenges like depression or anxiety. There could be an interview with a mom who’s gone through postpartum depression and also with a local therapist specializing in perinatal mental health. For more information, contact Ann Jamison at

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Monday, April 1 — Melissa S plays do-wop

03/26/13 11:00 AM | Access Hour

April Fool! No really. She will. Do-wop music is great stuff — in the car, in the shower, around the kitchen with friends…great stuff! Melissa will be bringing some recorded do-wop songs to play for us all, and the baby’s not due til later in April or May so, although she’s expecting, we’re expecting her to provide a great evening for the listeners!

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