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A Public Affair is WORT‘s daily hour-long talk program. It aims to engage listeners in a conversation on social, cultural, and political issues of importance. The guests range from local activists and scholars to notable national and international figures.

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Model Minority Myth

08/7/12 12:05 PM | A Public Affair

On Tuesday August 7th, Cynthia Lin interviewed Nicholas Hartlep, a critical race theory scholar from the University of Wisconsin- Milwaukee. Hartlep discussed a critique he wrote regarding Rosalind S. Chou and Joe R. Feagin’s book The Myth of the Model Minority. Hartlep writes, “The book is a searing and scathing indictment of how “racial framing” impacts the lives of Asian Americans and how it leaves them vulnerable in myriad ways. The book invokes a mental map, an image of how Asian Americans truly feel and experience the world. This book helps us all to move forward; if we understand the role that “racial framing” plays in perpetuating the model minority stereotype—which serves to marginalize the experiences of Asian Americans—and the maintenance of white privilege, then surely disruption of racial framing is an appropriate way to dismantle the racism that Asian Americans face. This book, through its focus on racial framing, helps readers to better understand the duality of the model minority stereotype—successful opposed to unsuccessful—and how it causes pain and social misery for Asian Americans.” Lin and Hartlep discussed in depth the implications of the model minority myth and what it means for Asians and Asian Americans in the USA. To read Nicholas Hartlep’s critique of The Myth of the Model Minority: http://education.missouristate.edu/assets/ele/Modelminorityfinal.pdf

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AVID/TOPS and Youth Governance Program of Dane County

08/6/12 12:05 PM | A Public Affair

On Monday August 6th, WORT summer Intern Jalika Ceesay got the chance to sit behind the microphone and interview her teachers and supervisors involved with the AVID/TOPS program at East High School and the Dane County Youth Governance Program. She had the opportunity to interview her coordinators as well as share her own experiences in these valuable programs. She spoke with Langston Evans , AVID/TOPS Student Coordinator, her AVID/TOPS math teacher at East High School Steven K Somerson and Karissa Propson, Youth Governance Program of Dane County Facilitator. “The AVID/TOPS program is a collaborative effort among a variety of dedicated members of the community. In addition to the TOPS Staff, the AVID Coordinators, and the AVID Elective Teachers, each Madison high school has an AVID/TOPS site team. The site team is made up of teachers, administrators, counselors, that school’s TOPS Student Coordinator, and other school faculty. This group works together to thoroughly develop and support the program at their site, ensure students have access to a rigorous curriculum, and analyze methods to improve student achievement.” -AVID/TOPS “The purpose of the Dane County Youth Governance Program is to offer greater opportunities for youth leadership, development, and empowerment in Dane County through direct participation in county government decision-making; to provide real-life learning opportunities for youth in the functioning of local government; and to bring a direct youth voice to community issues and concerns while fostering the development of confident, capable, and independent leaders for the next generation.” -Youth Governance Program Dane County To learn more about the AVID/TOPS program: http://www.avidtops.org/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=69&Itemid=84 To learn more about the Youth Governance Program of Dane County: http://fyi.uwex.edu/youthgovernanceprogram/

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The Catonsville Nine: A Story of Faith and Resistance in the Vietnam Era

08/3/12 12:05 PM | A Public Affair

On Friday August 3rd, Esty Dinur talked with Shawn F. Peters about his recent book “The Catonsville Nine: A Story of Faith and Resistance in the Vietnam Era.” “On May 17th, 1968, a group of Catholic antiwar activists burst into a draft board in suburban Baltimore, stole hundreds of Selective Service records (which they called “death certificates”), and burned the documents in a fire fueled by homemade napalm. The bold actions of the ”Catonsville Nine” quickly became international news and captured headlines throughout the summer and fall of 1968 when the activists, defended by radical attorney William Kunstler, were tried in federal court. In The Catonsville Nine, Shawn Francis Peters, a Catonsville native, offers the first comprehensive account of this key event in the history of 1960′s protest. While thousands of supporters thronged the streets outside the courthouse, the Catonsville Nine–whose ranks included activist priests Philip and Daniel Berrigan–delivered passionate indictments of the war in Vietnam and the brutality of American foreign policy. The proceedings reached a stirring climax, as the nine activists led the entire courtroom (the judge and federal prosecutors included) in the Lord’s Prayer. Peters gives readers vivid, blow-by-blow accounts of the draft raid, the trial, and the ensuing manhunt for the Berrigans, George Mische, and Mary Moylan, who went underground rather than report to prison. He also examines the impact of Daniel Berrigan’s play, The Trial of the Catonsville Nine, and the larger influence of this remarkable act of civil disobedience. More than 40 years after they stormed the draft board, the Catonsville Nine are still invoked by both secular and religious opponents of militarism. Based on a wealth of sources, including archival documents, the activists’ previously unreleased FBI files, and a variety of eyewitness accounts, The Catonsville Nine tells a story as relevant and instructive today as it was in 1968.” -Oxford University Press To read more about Shawn F. Peters: http://humanist.madisonwi.us/bio080713_.htm

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Interview with Professor Dick Krooth

08/2/12 12:05 PM | A Public Affair

On Thursday August 2nd, Allen Ruff interviewed Dick Krooth, a visiting Professor at the University of California, Santa Cruz in sociology and environmental science. With his co-authors he received the 1994 Outstanding Book Award for Human Rights in North America from the Gustavus Myers Center for the Study of Bigotry and Human Rights in North America. Listings of his bibliographical background are found in: Who’s Who in America, West, Who’s Who in the World, Who’s Who in American Education, Outstanding Writers of the 20th Century, Intellectuals of the 20th Century, Outstanding People of the 20th Century, Dictionary of International Biography, Contemporary Authors, and the Gustavus Myers Center.

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Oil Spill in Adams County

07/31/12 12:05 PM | A Public Affair

On Tuesday July 31st, JoAnne Thrax (subbing for Cynthia Lin) interviewed Beth Wallace, Community Outreach Regional Coordinator for the National Wildlife Federation (NWF) about the recent oil spill in Adams County, WI. ‘A federal agency issued Tuesday a corrective action order against Enbridge Energy that prohibits the Houston-based company from operating the 470-mile pipeline until it submits a restart plan and it is approved. The order, from the Department of Transportation’s Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration, came after the pipeline ruptured Friday in rural Adams County and spilled 1,200 barrels of oil into a farm field. “Pipelines operate safely across the country every single day. That’s why accidents, like the one in Wisconsin, are absolutely unacceptable,” said Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood.” -Wisconsin State Journal To read the entire article: http://host.madison.com/news/local/environment/feds-block-pipeline-re-opening-after-wisconsin-oil-spill/article_cb5fbcf6-db3a-11e1-a1e9-0019bb2963f4.html#ixzz22PbO97r7

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“The Shareholder Value Myth”

07/30/12 12:05 PM | A Public Affair

On Monday July 30th, Norm Stockwell talked with author Lynn Stout about her book “The Shareholder Value Myth.” “Executives, investors, and the business press routinely chant the mantra that corporations are required to “maximize shareholder value.” In this pathbreaking book, renowned corporate expert Lynn Stout debunks the myth that corporate law mandates shareholder primacy. Stout shows how shareholder value thinking endangers not only investors but the rest of us as well, leading managers to focus myopically on short-term earnings; discouraging investment and innovation; harming employees, customers, and communities; and causing companies to indulge in reckless, sociopathic, and irresponsible behaviors. And she looks at new models of corporate purpose that better serve the needs of investors, corporations, and society.” -Berrett-Koehler Publishers, Inc. To read more about Lynn Stout: http://www.lawschool.cornell.edu/spotlights/Cornell-Law-School-Welcomes-Lynn-Stout.cfm

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Worsening of the Situation in Syria

07/27/12 12:05 PM | A Public Affair

On Friday July 27th, Esty Dinur talked with freelance journalist Asa Winstanley and professor Stephen Zunes. Winstanley is a London-based investigative journalist and has been following Syrian opposition groups. He wrote a piece for Al-Akhbar English (Lebanon): “The Syrian Observatory: The Inside Story.” Esty also discussed the situation in Syria with Stephen Zunes, Professor of Politics at the University of San Francisco and a contributor to Foreign Policy in Focus. To read Winstanley’s article: http://english.al-akhbar.com/content/syrian-observatory-inside-story To read more from Stephen Zunes: http://stephenzunes.org/category/topic/syria/

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Jennifer Loewenstein on the Middle East

07/26/12 12:05 PM | A Public Affair

On Thursday July 26th, Allen Ruff interviewed Jennifer Loewenstein on various matters concerning the Middle East. Jennifer Loewenstein is the Associate Director of the Middle East Studies Program at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. She is a political activist in here in Madison, and writes as a freelance journalist. Her work has been featured in scholarly publications such as The Journal of Palestine Studies and she is a regular contributor to CounterPunch magazine. Loewenstein is a well known critic of Israel’s treatment of Palestinians as well as American support for Israel. To read more about Jennifer Loewenstein: http://experts.news.wisc.edu/experts/918

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Netherlands Accepts LGBT Iraqi Asylum Seekers

07/25/12 12:05 PM | A Public Affair

On Wednesday July 25th, Karma Chavez subbing for Mike Moon interviewed Harvard Research Fellow Scott Long. Scott Long is a human rights activist and scholar specializing in LGBT rights. Recently, the Netherlands have announced they will be accepting all LGBT Iraqis as asylum seekers if they can prove they are gay. Karma discussed the complications surrounding this decision with Scott Long. “The Dutch government has announced it will open its doors to LGBT Iraqis, after declaring the country unsafe for homosexuals. Dutch Immigration Minister Geert Leers had already announced a temporary halt to the deportation of LGBT asylum seekers back to Iraq in June, but has now gone the further step of declaring that it is impossible to be openly gay without risking your safety in any part of the country. However asylum seekers will have to be able to prove that they are gay in order to take up the offer. The Dutch Parliament had asked Leers to carry out investigations into the status of LGBTs in Iraq in March following a wave of gay-hate murders in the country. Dutch LGBT rights group COC welcomed the move but its Executive Director Koen van Dijk told Radio Netherlands Worldwide that it would be problematic for gay Iraqis to prove their sexuality.” -Andrew Potts, gaystarnews.com To read the entire article: http://www.gaystarnews.com/article/netherlands-opens-its-doors-lgbt-iraqis140712 To learn more about Scott Long: http://www.law.harvard.edu/programs/hrp/visitingfellows/current_fellows.html

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Antibiotics in Meat

07/24/12 12:05 PM | A Public Affair

On Tuesday July 24th host Anjuli Brekke (subbing for Cynthia Lin) focused on ways to promote sustainable agricultural as well as the practice of using antibiotics in meat. Anjuli interviewed Jonathan Kaplan, Director of Food and Agriculture at the Natural Resources Defense Council. For more than fifteen years, Jonathan has launched policy and market-facing initiatives to reduce dependence on toxic chemicals, protect water quality, foster Integrated Pest Management and promote more sustainable food production. Jonathan serves on numerous related boards and advisory groups serving academic, government and non-profit organizations. He has a Masters degree in Environmental Management from Yale University and a B.A. in English from Cornell University. Anjuli and Jonathan discussed a new report by Consumers Union entitled “Meat Without Drugs” which outlines the health concerns surrounding antibiotic use in livestock and the power retailers have in providing antibiotic-free choices to customers. To read Jonathan Kaplan’s blog about antibiotics in meat: http://switchboard.nrdc.org/blogs/jkaplan/attention_shoppers_potential_b.html To read more about the National Resources Defense Council: http://www.nrdc.org/

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