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Food From The Soul

01/30/13 10:31 AM | buzz

food Melly Mell’s owner, Carmell Jackson, joined the buzz today. She talked about her early days and how she came to be a restaurant owner and caterer in Madison. “Indeed, if you’re the type of person who likes to track down hard-to-find, thrilling-to-discover authentic food spots, Melly Mel’s is a gustatory holy grail. This is Madison’s very own soul food speakeasy.” -Isthmus

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“High Schools, Race, and America’s Future”

01/29/13 10:25 AM | buzz

high schools Lawrence Blum, writer of, “High Schools, Race, and America’s Future” and professor of philosophy at the University of Massachusetts. The book he wrote after teaching a course on race and racism at the local high school. After listening to the students, Blum says that, younger people are more comfortable with racial difference, “They are less anxious than many people of my generation, but I don’t think they necessarily know the history and how is permeates American life and American history. In some ways their comfort with race makes them not recognize the importance of learning about that history. In a way, I think they are congratulating themselves a little prematurely.” The point of his ….

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Reverend Edward Pinkney, Founder of Black Autonomy Network Community Outreach

01/29/13 10:11 AM | buzz

flowers   Reverend Edward Pinkney, Founder of Black Autonomy Network Community Outreach (BANCO) spoke with Aaron Perry today a little bit about the NAACP, his term as president, and also talks about the ban against soda.   BANCO is a political and social justice coalition founded in 2003 in protest of the death of a 28 year old African American male who was killed by the police. Since then the organization rallies against injustices of our time.    

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A Closer Look At The Iron Ore Of Northern Wisconsin

01/28/13 9:11 AM | buzz

Iron Ore in Wisconsin Thomas Evans of the Wisconsin Geologic and Natural History Survey gives us a scientific perspective as to what an open pit mine means for Wisconsin.

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The Gateway Sculpture Tree

01/28/13 9:10 AM | buzz

sculpture   Erika Koivunen, a self proclaimed junk junky, loves well…. junk. She has her own scrap yard in her back yard. Her neighbors love her, she claims, though we didn’t have a neighbor present to verify. She came by the studio today to talk about her most recent project. She is working with the Marquette Neighborhood Association to create a “gateway sculpture tree.” The “Gate Way Sculpture tree,” is going to be a large metal public art piece, to be located between Machinery Row and Gateway Mall.   Erika is currently looking for experienced welders to volunteer some of their time helping to finalize the public piece. Listen to the full interview below.    

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The Dark Side Of The Personal Finance Industry

01/25/13 10:22 AM | buzz

helaine   HELAINE OLEN joins Jonathan Zarov for the 8 O’ Clock Buzz on Friday, January 25, 2013. She is the author of Pound Foolish: Exposing the Dark Side of the Personal Finance Industry, which will be published by Penguin’s Portfolio imprint on January 2, 2013.   “THE odds are good that you haven’t yet given up on your New Year’s resolutions and that one of them is to swear off those expensive cappuccinos and save money for your old age. That’s a typical suggestion from finance gurus, who say we can add thousands of dollars annually to our nest eggs by eliminating such wasteful spending. But deciding to take your lunch to work or to cancel ….

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Kids These Days

01/25/13 10:11 AM | buzz

kids these days   Nico Segal, a member of the up-and-coming hip-hop/pop/blues fusion band thing, spoke with Jonathan Zarov by phone this morning to talk a little bit about the going-ons of his band, Kids These Days. They will be playing at FRNZ fest this Saturday at High Noon Saloon. Watch a music video from the group here, and listen to the interview below.    

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Months After Paulie Heenan Shooting, Many Questions Still Unanswered

01/24/13 9:10 PM | buzz

paulie heenan     Amelia Royko Maurer spoke with Tony Castaneda today about the tragic events surrounding Paulie Heenan. Paulie Heenan was shot to death by a Madison police officer on Baldwin Street in early November of 2012. Maurer, a musician, worked closely with Heenan in the recording studio. She described Heenan as having maternal instincts in the studio. Heenan aided musicians through the recording process not just as a studio engineer but also as a caring adult. The two soon developed a strong friendship and later Maurer let Heenan stay at her apartment for some time. He was supposed to be staying at her apartment the night he had been shot. The police report states that on ….

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Workers Rights Center Celebrates The Big Ten

01/24/13 8:45 PM | buzz

workers rights center logo On January 24, 2013, Mark Thomas, a volunteer for the Workers Rights Center, spoke with Tony Castaneda about the organization and why it has something to celebrate. The Workers Rights Center is celebrating their 10th anniversary as an organization.     “The Workers Right Center assists workers with problems on the job,” said Thomas, who is staying very active in the organization now that he is recently retired. “Discrimination, OSHA complaints, wage theft.” Those are issues WRC has confronted over the last ten years.  

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LCV: Short Notice Public Hearing Helps Push Mining Industry Agenda

01/23/13 11:15 AM | buzz

image from cleanwisconsin.org   Kerry Schumann, Executive Director of Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters spoke with Jan Miyasaki by phone this morning. She was at the State Capitol an hour before a public hearing about the controversial open pit mining bill. The bill was introduced last week on Wednesday, January 16th. “Basically the bill exempts the iron mining industry from our environmental protection [laws]. Things that protect our drinking water, lakes and streams…that every other person, individual or company in the state has to follow, the iron mining industry doesn’t have to follow that.” Schumann said in today’s interview. “This bill is allowing mining companies to dump toxic waste into sensitive wetlands”, said Schumann. The Wisconsin League ….

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