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Months After Paulie Heenan Shooting, Many Questions Still Unanswered

01/24/13 9:10 PM | buzz

paulie heenan     Amelia Royko Maurer spoke with Tony Castaneda today about the tragic events surrounding Paulie Heenan. Paulie Heenan was shot to death by a Madison police officer on Baldwin Street in early November of 2012. Maurer, a musician, worked closely with Heenan in the recording studio. She described Heenan as having maternal instincts in the studio. Heenan aided musicians through the recording process not just as a studio engineer but also as a caring adult. The two soon developed a strong friendship and later Maurer let Heenan stay at her apartment for some time. He was supposed to be staying at her apartment the night he had been shot. The police report states that on ….

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Workers Rights Center Celebrates The Big Ten

01/24/13 8:45 PM | buzz

workers rights center logo On January 24, 2013, Mark Thomas, a volunteer for the Workers Rights Center, spoke with Tony Castaneda about the organization and why it has something to celebrate. The Workers Rights Center is celebrating their 10th anniversary as an organization.     “The Workers Right Center assists workers with problems on the job,” said Thomas, who is staying very active in the organization now that he is recently retired. “Discrimination, OSHA complaints, wage theft.” Those are issues WRC has confronted over the last ten years.  

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LCV: Short Notice Public Hearing Helps Push Mining Industry Agenda

01/23/13 11:15 AM | buzz

image from cleanwisconsin.org   Kerry Schumann, Executive Director of Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters spoke with Jan Miyasaki by phone this morning. She was at the State Capitol an hour before a public hearing about the controversial open pit mining bill. The bill was introduced last week on Wednesday, January 16th. “Basically the bill exempts the iron mining industry from our environmental protection [laws]. Things that protect our drinking water, lakes and streams…that every other person, individual or company in the state has to follow, the iron mining industry doesn’t have to follow that.” Schumann said in today’s interview. “This bill is allowing mining companies to dump toxic waste into sensitive wetlands”, said Schumann. The Wisconsin League ….

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Remembering Gerda Lerner

01/23/13 11:03 AM | buzz

50e5ff98d2e31.preview-620 Gerda Lerner, a UW-Madison professor in the History department passed away earlier this month. In honor of her great life Jan Miyasaki plays a small excerpt from an interview with Gerda in 2009. Gerda Lerner set the foundation for women’s history at a time when people in her field were told that Women’s studies, along with African American Studies, were just fads. The academic response to women’s history was a defensive one, claiming that the field already had one history- the history of the human race. She also met an argument against women’s studies as a career path. Many believed that women’s history would never find a place in academia. Yet Gerda Lerner persisted. Gerda ….

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John Gramling At The Presidential Inauguration

01/23/13 10:56 AM | buzz

Glyn Lowe Getty Images     John Gramling, The editor and chief of the Capital City Hues came by the studio today to talk with Jan Miyasaki about the presidential Inauguration. John was in attendance and talks about the experience of being at the event and also reflects on the event as a historic moment.   The Capital City Hues is a bi-weekly, multicultural news source.   Listen to the interview below.    

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Milele Chikasa Anana At The Presidential Inauguration

01/22/13 10:57 AM | buzz

Glyn Lowe Getty Images         Milele Chikasa Anana came by the studio today to talk with Aaron Perry about the presidential inauguration yesterday. She had the opportunity of being at the inauguration and has some interesting insight of the ceremony. “There is something powerful about being present at an historic occasion” Milele said about the events of yesterday. Listen to her interview below.     Milele Chikasa Anana is the publisher and owner of UMOJA magazine. UMOJA magazine is a monthly publication featuring positive news stories about African Americans.  

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Boys Cry, A Film About The Challenges Of Bullying

01/22/13 10:44 AM | buzz

Screen Shot 2013-01-22 at 10.38.44 AM     Celi Dean, Reggie Anderson and Victor Peacock, contributors to the film, Boys Cry, a film about the challenges of bullying, spoke with Aaron Perry over the phone today about the film. See a preview for the film here. Listen to the interview here:

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The Influence Of Citizens United

01/21/13 11:02 AM | buzz

CitizensUnitedScenario On January 21st, 2013, Dane Varese, The Outreach Director with the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign braved the freezing temperatures (it’s 1 degrees outside) to talk to WORT about Citizens United and what it means for campaigns to come.       Citizens United is a 2010 Supreme Court decision that says it would be an infringement on the first amendment to restrict campaign contributions from corporations and unions.       What does that mean? It means that money in the possession of corporations and unions can now be donated to a campaign in any amount. Former US senator from Wisconsin, Russ Feingold, commented on Citizens United in a September interview with the ….

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Redamte Café And A Movie

01/18/13 3:52 PM | buzz

Sustainability-Chart Tom Klien talks with WORT about the Redamte Coffee House in downtown Madison. Tom is the Director of sustainability at this farm to table café. He spoke with us about the sustainable restaurant and also why he has chosen to show the film, Economics of Happiness, at the cafe this Thursday, 7:30 PM, January 24th.     Economics of Happiness trailer     “Redamte Coffee House is a farm to table restaurant and cafe that is also deeply engaged in the music and arts community in Madison, WI. Redamte is also founded in social justice and sustainability issues and strives to be a champion within the community of these issues. Redamte hosts musicians, artists, ….

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The United States and Drones

01/17/13 11:01 AM | buzz

drone On January 16, host Jan Miyasaki spoke with Journalist Cora Currier of ProPublica about her latest work recapping what we know about the United States’ use of drones around the world.   Read her piece here.   Listen to the interview:

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