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8:32 pm Church of the SubGenius: 'Various Tracks' 7/17/2014
8:29 pm Church of the SubGenius: 'Various tracks edited for pledge drive' 7/17/2014
8:26 pm Got A Girl: 'da, da, da' 7/17/2014
8:23 pm Aaron Freeman: 'Covert Discretion' 7/17/2014
8:19 pm The Pack a.d.: 'Battering Ram' 7/17/2014
8:17 pm The Electric Mess: 'House On Fire' 7/17/2014
8:15 pm Lee Bains III & The Glory Fires: 'Dereconstructed' 7/17/2014
8:12 pm Beck - Jarvis Cocker: 'Eyes That Say I Love You' 7/17/2014
8:09 pm Beck - Jack White: 'I'm Down' 7/17/2014
8:04 pm The Socks: 'Gypsy Lady' 7/17/2014
7:58 pm The Socks: 'Holy Sons' 7/17/2014
7:52 pm The Socks: 'Lords of Illusion' 7/17/2014
7:49 pm Johnny Winter & Edgar Winter: 'Rock & Roll Medley' 7/17/2014
7:46 pm Dave Foley/Tracy Lords: 'Ramones Go To Heaven' 7/17/2014
7:43 pm RAMONES: 'SUBSTITUTE' 7/17/2014
7:41 pm RAMONES: 'Now I Wanna Sniff Some Glue' 7/17/2014
7:38 pm RAMONES: 'We're A Happy Family' 7/17/2014
7:34 pm RAMONES: 'Howling At the Moon (Sha-La-La)' 7/17/2014
7:31 pm RAMONES: 'I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend' 7/17/2014
7:29 pm RAMONES: 'Needles And Pins' 7/17/2014
7:26 pm RAMONES: 'Do Ya Wanna Dance?' 7/17/2014
7:23 pm Ramones.: 'Teenage Labotomy' 7/17/2014
7:20 pm Tom Waits: 'The Return of Jackie and Judy' 7/17/2014
7:17 pm The Pretenders: 'Something To Believe In' 7/17/2014
7:14 pm Garbage: 'I Just Wanna Have Something To Do' 7/17/2014
7:11 pm KISS: 'Do You Remember Rock n Roll Radio?' 7/17/2014
7:09 pm The Queers: 'Surfin' Bird' 7/17/2014
9:57 pm The Amino Acids: 'Satanic Rites of Connie Dobbs' 7/10/2014
9:53 pm Sons of Atom: 'I Had A Dream Last Night' 7/10/2014
9:23 pm Church of the SubGenius: 'all but 21 and 23' 7/10/2014

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SST Records, tonight @ 8 pm PSYCHOACOUSTICS for weekly feature on Indie Record Labels

01/3/13 4:52 PM | Sybil Augustine

Tonight we begin our foray into 2013′s weekly feature: Outstanding Underground Record Labels. First off, for the month of January we’ll hit up the proto-punk of SST Records, featuring the likes of Black Flag, Husker Du, Meat Puppets, Minutemen, Sonic Youth, Dinosaur Jr. & of course Madison’s own TAR BABIES. Tune in 8-11 pm to 89.9 FM/HD or, and go to to see the live playlist & chat with your hosts!!!

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Sheaux for November 15, 2012 — in memoriam

09/29/12 12:25 PM | Bad Sister Heidi

placeholder-kitty-vu   Tonight on Psychoacoustics: A somewhat grimmer, more sobering show in honor of/inspired by Paulie & all musicians, sound men, drinkers, law enforcement, music lovers, anyone who’s ever faced a blurry line or had a hard time finding your way home.   Tune in @ 8pm to hear music from the likes of Monovox, Bruce Springsteen, Solid Gold, The Clash, Eric Saade, John Reuben, Lene Lovich, The Who, Don McLean, Nick Cave, Johnny Cash, Dead Kennedys, Willie Nelson, Edward Sharpe, Blind Faith, Bobby Fuller Four, & Shotdown.    

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Father Angus returns to the airwaves!

09/11/12 2:55 PM | Sybil Augustine

Former co-host of Psychoacoustics through the 90′s and early ’00s, Father Angus O’Sodom MacGommoragh will be making his annual appearance on WORT the Thursday night before the Willy Street Fair. He’ll be bringing with him the usual assortment of new & underground sounds from the West Coast heavy/psychedelic scene. Tune in Thursday, September 13th from 8-11 pm to have your ears & mind beautifully blown. From Fr. Angus– The following is a list of artists whose work I should have with me next week, with comments: Amon Duul II (venerable German prog) Acid Mothers Temple (‘nuff said; saw them this year) Acid King (awesome SF psych/doom; seeing them on 9/21) Crippled Black Phoenix (post-prog UK ….

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Today’s Spin

05/22/12 1:40 PM | Sybil Augustine

Musicians of the Cheddar Revolution It was so great to see and/or meet many other community radio DJs, music promoters, label reps and artists at NonCommvention in Philadelphia last week! It’s always revitalizing to connect with like-minded peers and brainstorm solutions to our shared issues, and just to socialize with others with whom we have a lot in common. This year was no exception, plus the highlights of getting to see live radio broadcast performances by Lee Fields, JD McPherson, Willie Nelson and JC Brooks & The Uptown Sound was wonderful. I’ve recommended JC Brooks as a possible headliner for the Willy Street Fair here in Madison this September, and since they’ve only got to jump up here from Chicago, hopefully that’ll work out. ….

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