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December 5, 2013 – Citizen Science with Dr. Amy Freitag

12/5/13 1:45 PM | Science

Tonight’s show is produced by Kaitlin Stack Whitney and engineered by Dennis Shaffer.   Our guest tonight is Dr. Amy Freitag, Science Integration Fellow of the California Ocean Science Trust. Learn more about her work with COST here. Learn more about her thesis work at Duke on collaborative fisheries on her website. Or check her out on Twitter.   During the interview, we both mention the 1971 oil spill in the San Francisco Bay. Learn more about that and Dr. John Francis, AKA the Planetwalker, here.   

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November 21, 2013 — Victorian Eyes // Quantitative Methods in the Humanities and Arts

11/21/13 7:12 PM | Science

Tonight’s show is produced and hosted by Kaitlin Stack Whitney and engineered by Matthew Zmudka.   Our guests tonight are Dr. Carrie Roy, Dr. Fred Boehm, and Catherine DeRose. They come from three very different backgrounds and are collaborating on an interdisciplinary project called Victorian Eyes. It’s using quantitative methods for text analysis and creating art to display the results. Much more information can be found on their website:   Their bios from their website: Fred Boehm, M.D., is a Ph.D. student in Statistics and a postdoctoral fellow at the Molecular and Environmental Toxicology Center. He develops methods for high-dimensional statistical inference with applications to genomics, cancer biology, and text mining. Catherine DeRose is a PhD ….

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October 31, 2013 – Lee Bishop on Nanotechnology, Blogging, and Nerds

10/31/13 8:53 PM | Science

In this episode, reporter Matthew Zmudka interviewed chemist and blogger Lee Bishop. Lee works on outreach for the Center for Sustainable Nanotechnology at UW-Madison and organizes the popular Madison Nerd Nite events.

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October 3, 2013 – Dr. Matthew Hersch, history of early spaceflight and astronauts

10/3/13 7:10 PM | Science

Tonight’s show is produced by Kaitlin Stack Whitney and engineered by Dennis Shaffer. Our guest is Dr. Matthew Hersch, a lecturer at the University of Pennsylvania. He’s a historian of science and technology; learn more about his research here: He recently wrote a book published in 2012 called Inventing the American Astronaut. Learn more about the book here: Here’s the Amazon info to get yourself a copy of the book!   Streaming audio will be posted here soon after the show — in the meantime, check out the archives to stream or download the show.

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September 19, 2013 – Hearing Loss

09/19/13 5:40 PM | Science

Jim Carrier revisits a popular topic with aging Boomers – hearing loss. New evidence coming from labs at the University of Wisconsin show that hearing loss is not just from too much rock ‘n’ roll, but is genetic – a natural part of aging. Dr. Tom Prolla and his lab are studying a gene that could – one day – reverse hearing loss and aging. Here is a link to Dr. Prolla’s lab.

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August 29, 2013 – From Iceland to the Beltline

08/29/13 11:34 AM | Science

Highway roadsidesas place! And not just any place but habitat, buffer, and potential! Sound crazy? Normally don’t give roadsides a second thought? Am excited to share an interview with Joslyn Mink about her research on WI highways, native plants, restoration, and how to think about the 100,000+ miles of road — and thereby roadside — in the state. And my other guest studies insect food webs in Iceland. Jamin Dreyer shares stories of “the living smoke” and what the rest of us can learn from flies that hatch in the water and die on the land. Can’t imagine how these two early career scientists’ work can be related? Tune in and turn it up to find out! Permanent ….

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August 15, 2013 – Biomimetics

08/20/13 10:04 AM | Science

The 8/15/2013 PNM episode was produced by Kaitlin Stack Whitney and engineered by Matthew Zmudka.   What do ground squirrels, the Department of Defense, the death of public science funding, jellyfish, asymmetrical warfare, geckos, and lobsters have in common?   Our guest was Dr. Elizabeth Johnson, a geographer and currently a Research Associate at the University of Exeter within the Department of Geography and the Science, Technology, and Culture research cluster. She is working on a book, Life’s Work: The Labor of Biomimetic Science. Check out her background and links to her work on her website.   You can listen to the show here:       Also, we made the following announcement about a course on hunting ….

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Brain Imaging – July 18

07/19/13 9:38 AM | Science

In this episode of PNM, reporter Matthew Zmudka is “thinking about thinking” with two stories on brain imaging. In the first, he talks to Andrew Nencka, assistant professor at the Medical College of Wisconsin, on a technique called fMRI that, without dyes or radioactivity, can track areas of brain activity. Then, he visits with Angela Richardson, Artist-in-Residence at the Wisconsin Institutes for Discovery’s Image Lab, about her new exhibit looking at the history of images of the brain. Angela is chronicling her exhibit on a Tumblr blog, The Great Ravelled Knot, and was kind enough to mention this show there. Check it out for many of the pictures mentioned in the broadcast, as well as for a questionable picture ….

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Rhythm & Booms impact on Warner park – July 4

07/2/13 11:32 AM | Science

There will be a lot of fireworks going off this week and some people are starting to notice an environmental impact. Tune in on July 4 to learn about the impact of 20 years of Rhythm & Booms on the Warner Park wetland. Julia Cechvala, author of an Isthmus article on the topic, will host the show. Talking live in the studio with Julia will be PNMer and Wild Warner member, Jim Carrier. They will discuss the chemicals in fireworks, the debris left over after the show, and the wildlife in the park.

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“Lab Lit” // Kingsolver’s ‘Flight Behavior’ – June 20

06/20/13 7:11 PM | Science

June 20th’s summer solstice show is produced and hosted by Kaitlin. It’s about ‘Lab Lit,’ or science in novels. This was inspired by a December 2012 New York Times article by Katherine Bouton, which can be found here: And this website: The show and the above article focus on Barbara Kingsolver’s recent book, Flight Behavior. But what challenges and opportunities come with a novelist talking about science? Especially insects and climate change? Our guest, ecologist Dr. Karen Oberhauser of the University of Minnesota, can speak to those points! She is an expert in monarch butterflies, conservation biology, and insect ecology. More information about Dr. Oberhauser and her lab’s research can be found here: You can listen ….

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