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9:59 pm The Colours Out Of Time: 'Rock Section' 7/18/2014
9:56 pm Dayglo Maradona: 'Rock Section' 7/18/2014
9:50 pm Los Sirex: 'Fire (Fuego)' 7/18/2014
9:49 pm Los Stop: 'Extiende Tus Bravos' 7/18/2014
9:43 pm New Age Steppers: 'Love Forever' 7/18/2014
9:40 pm Hollie Cook: 'Ari Up' 7/18/2014
9:35 pm The Mo-Dettes: 'White Mice' 7/18/2014
9:31 pm The Hussy: 'Happy' 7/18/2014
9:29 pm Jack White: 'High Ball Stepper' 7/18/2014
9:24 pm The Black Keys: 'Gold On the Ceiling' 7/18/2014
9:22 pm Ty Segall: 'Gold On the Shore              ' 7/18/2014
9:16 pm The Proper Ornaments: 'Summer's Gone' 7/18/2014
9:11 pm Clientele.: 'Orpheus Avenue' 7/18/2014
9:07 pm Tweedy: 'Summer Noon' 7/18/2014
9:05 pm Destroyer: 'Te Recuerdo Amanda' 7/18/2014
9:00 pm Spoon: 'Do You' 7/18/2014
8:57 pm Woods: 'Twin Steps' 7/18/2014
8:51 pm Big Star: 'O My Soul' 7/18/2014
8:48 pm Anaïs Mitchell & Rachel Ries: 'O My Star' 7/18/2014
8:45 pm The Both: 'Milwaukee' 7/18/2014
8:41 pm Circulatory System.: 'Sounds That You’ve Never Heard' 7/18/2014
8:37 pm Circulatory System.: 'There Is No Time But Now' 7/18/2014
8:35 pm Circulatory System.: 'Mosaics within Mosaics' 7/18/2014
8:31 pm Circulatory System.: 'Mosaic #1' 7/18/2014
8:25 pm Plasticland: 'Processes Of The Silverness' 7/18/2014
8:18 pm The Ghost Of A Saber Tooth Tiger.: 'Moth To a Flame' 7/18/2014
8:15 pm The Fresh And Onlys: 'Madness' 7/18/2014
8:12 pm Joy Division: 'Love Will Tear Us Apart' 7/18/2014
8:07 pm The Ramonetures: 'Rock and Roll High School' 7/18/2014
8:04 pm The Ramones: 'Here Today, Gone Tomorrow' 7/18/2014

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Scott & Melva Sabatke, The Walkin’ Doctor Bill (alternating 1st Fridays) / Harry Rag (2nd & 3rd Fridays) / Jake Shut (4th Friday) /DJ el Serpentine (5th Friday)

Live on King Street announces final headliner

07/21/14 8:01 PM | Sybil Augustine

h and h small The Majestic Theatre’s 4th annual Live on King Street lineup is complete! The fifth and final evening on September 19 will end with The Head and the Heart. This free, all ages event finishes out the summer series of similar shows featuring Cracker (July 25), Ziggy Marley (August 8) and Deer Tick (August 22).

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BandSwap 2014: Winners Announced

07/18/14 11:01 AM | Kelsey

madison band swap photos Madison BandSwap 2014 has announced its winners!

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WORT broadcasts live from La Fete!!

07/11/14 5:09 PM | Sybil Augustine

emiline-michel-1 LA FETE DE MARQUETTE is always a great party, and now everyone can join in! If you can’t camp out in Central Park all weekend, you can still catch some of the music as it’s being broadcast live on WORT Friday evening and Saturday and Sunday afternoons, pre-empting our regular programming this week.

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Funky roots world music from The Budos Band at the Majestic tonight!

07/10/14 1:29 PM | Sybil Augustine

Web_Image_-_The_Budos_Band-543x320 On Friday, The Budos Band will shake the Majestic dance floor with deep funk grooves. Tickets are still available for this early evening, all ages show at the Majestic box office.

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Show tickets available as pledge premiums!

06/6/14 7:02 PM | Sybil Augustine

fun in the radio sun Here’s a list of some tickets to upcoming shows that you can get as thank-you gifts for your call-in pledge to WORT!!! [Note that availability depends on which show you pledge to and when.] Call (608) 256-2001 or toll free 866-899-WORT.

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WORT DJs spin live on Willy St. Sunday

09/20/13 1:54 PM | Sybil Augustine

record store day Our Underground Stage on Sept. 22 also features several WORT radio hosts spinning music before, between and after the bands. Kicking it off at 11:30 am is Cardinal Din, host of “Feed Me Weird Things” late night Saturdays, until Oedipus Tex takes the stage at noon. He’ll be followed by The Real Jaguar of Friday afternoon’s “Who Cooks For You?” bringing you music before a set by Cowboy Winter; then “Global Revolutions” will commence as Monday morning world fusion host Martin Alvarado selects the beats leading up to the ska-punk of 4 Aspiring Morning. After 4AM kicks it into high gear, DJ El Serpentine’s “Rattlesnake Shake” as heard here some Friday evenings follows, leading into Dick the Bruiser. Between DTB ….

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Friday on my Mind
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An unpredictable collage of Popular and Unpopular music from the last 60 years, by someone who has been spinning the platters that matter on WORT for over 30 years. Focusing on the cool and crazy sounds not found on just any old (or new) radio program. If they influenced the Rock-and-Roll excitement throughout the 60's and the Punk Explosion of the 70's, or were influenced by those bygone days, the chances are good that you'll hear them here. Did I mention that the latest releases are mixed in and around all these "Old" songs? Plenty of unannounced special programs on specific artists, sub-genres, or themes-- plus the Annual Best Songs of the Year show on the third Friday in January!
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