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10:53 pm The Jefferson Airplane: 'Thing' 4/11/2014
10:43 pm The Jefferson Airplane: 'Spare Chaynge' 4/11/2014
10:43 pm The Jefferson Airplane: 'Chushingura' 4/11/2014
10:40 pm The Mothers Of Invention: 'The Air' 4/11/2014
10:32 pm The Jefferson Airplane: 'The Saga of Sydney Spacepig' 4/11/2014
10:29 pm The Jefferson Airplane: 'Would You Like A Snack?' 4/11/2014
10:28 pm The Jefferson Airplane: 'Levi Commercial #2' 4/11/2014
10:27 pm The Jefferson Airplane: 'Ribump Ba Bap Dum Dum' 4/11/2014
10:25 pm The Jefferson Airplane: 'A Small Package Of Value Will Come To You, Shortly' 4/11/2014
10:15 pm Mission of Burma: 'Tremolo' 4/11/2014
10:12 pm Coho Lips: 'Less Of Everything' 4/11/2014
10:09 pm Sleaford Mods: 'Pubic Hair Ltd' 4/11/2014
10:05 pm Steve Gunn: 'Worn Threads' 4/11/2014
10:01 pm Dave Clark Five: 'Try Too Hard' 4/11/2014
10:00 pm Dave Clark Five: 'Everybody Knows (I Still Love You)' 4/11/2014
9:56 pm Dave Clark Five: 'I Need Love' 4/11/2014
9:54 pm Dave Clark Five: 'Anyway You Want It' 4/11/2014
9:48 pm Lambchop: 'The Petrified Florist' 4/11/2014
9:42 pm David Crosby: 'Laughing' 4/11/2014
9:37 pm R.e.m.: 'Laughing' 4/11/2014
9:32 pm Los Yaki: 'De Dia Y De Noche' 4/11/2014
9:29 pm The Cyclones: 'Stop Your Sobbing' 4/11/2014
9:26 pm The Nomads: 'Don't You Fret' 4/11/2014
9:23 pm Los Angeles: 'El Ocaso De Waterloo' 4/11/2014
9:20 pm Ola and The Janglers: 'It's Alright' 4/11/2014
9:15 pm The Baseball Project: 'They Played Baseball' 4/11/2014
9:12 pm The Baseball Project: 'C'mon Prince (Stay in Milwaukee)' 4/11/2014
9:08 pm The Baseball Project: 'Larry Yount' 4/11/2014
9:03 pm The Cramps: 'Louie Louie' 4/11/2014
9:02 pm Black Flag: 'Louie Louie' 4/11/2014

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Scott & Melva Sabatke, The Walkin’ Doctor Bill (alternating 1st Fridays) / Harry Rag (2nd & 3rd Fridays) / Jake Shut (4th Friday) /DJ el Serpentine (5th Friday)

WORT DJs spin live on Willy St. Sunday

09/20/13 1:54 PM | Sybil Augustine

record store day Our Underground Stage on Sept. 22 also features several WORT radio hosts spinning music before, between and after the bands. Kicking it off at 11:30 am is Cardinal Din, host of “Feed Me Weird Things” late night Saturdays, until Oedipus Tex takes the stage at noon. He’ll be followed by The Real Jaguar of Friday afternoon’s “Who Cooks For You?” bringing you music before a set by Cowboy Winter; then “Global Revolutions” will commence as Monday morning world fusion host Martin Alvarado selects the beats leading up to the ska-punk of 4 Aspiring Morning. After 4AM kicks it into high gear, DJ El Serpentine’s “Rattlesnake Shake” as heard here some Friday evenings follows, leading into Dick the Bruiser. Between DTB and Venus In Furs you’ll hear the sounds of “Kosmic Radiation” brought to you by Dave 3000 of late night Thursdays fame, and then we’ll slink into the “Leopard Print Lounge,” usually only open Tuesday nights at 11 pm, where your hostess Jenni will rock you up till White Mystery takes the stage for the final set of the day. She’ll also be spinning a “cool down” set if time permits. Check out all these shows in our online archives, and don’t be shy about coming up to say Hello and give kudos to your favorite rock DJs at our stage in the 800 block of Williamson Street at the far west end of the fair. You’ll also find our tent with a huge blowout sale of used and new CDs in all genres, all to be had for just a song….it’s the last sale of the season, so come and take a chance on some new music at bargain prices, and we really hope you enjoy all the entertainment at this year’s Fair!!

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Friday on my Mind
Friday on my Mind
Fridays @ 8:00 pm
Harry Rag, Scott and Melva Sabatke, DJ el Serpentine, Bill the Walkin Dr, TED OFFENSIVE
An unpredictable collage of Popular and Unpopular music from the last 60 years, by someone who has been spinning the platters that matter on WORT for over 30 years. Focusing on the cool and crazy sounds not found on just any old (or new) radio program. If they influenced the Rock-and-Roll excitement throughout the 60's and the Punk Explosion of the 70's, or were influenced by those bygone days, the chances are good that you'll hear them here. Did I mention that the latest releases are mixed in and around all these "Old" songs? Plenty of unannounced special programs on specific artists, sub-genres, or themes-- plus the Annual Best Songs of the Year show on the third Friday in January!
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