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2:52 pm Carly Rose Sonenclar: 'Home' 4/13/2014
2:48 pm Kristen Chenoweth and Idina Menzel: 'Popular' 4/13/2014
2:44 pm Earl Carpenter: 'Stars' 4/13/2014
2:38 pm Original Cast: 'Masquerade' 4/13/2014
2:34 pm Various Artists: 'Facade' 4/13/2014
2:31 pm Revival Cast: 'Tonight' 4/13/2014
2:26 pm Bernadette Peters: 'Johanna' 4/13/2014
2:22 pm Lonette McKee: 'Bill' 4/13/2014
2:18 pm Stephanie Mills: 'Home' 4/13/2014
2:14 pm Original Cast: 'Metaphor' 4/13/2014
2:08 pm Original Cast: 'Company' 4/13/2014
2:05 pm Original Cast: 'S.O.S.' 4/13/2014
2:02 pm Original Cast: 'Dreamgirls' 4/13/2014
1:59 pm Original Cast: 'Venus' 4/13/2014
1:57 pm Original Cast: 'SHERRY' 4/13/2014
2:50 pm Julie Andrews: 'In My Own Little Corner' 4/6/2014
2:46 pm Richard Alder, Harold Hastings & Original Broadway Cast Orchestra: 'Steam Heat (feat. Peter Gennaro, Carol Haney & Buzz Miller)' 4/6/2014
2:42 pm Cast: 'Anything But Lonely' 4/6/2014
2:39 pm Ethel Merman: 'Everything's Coming Up Roses' 4/6/2014
2:36 pm Cast: 'All I Need Is The Girl' 4/6/2014
2:28 pm Alan Cumming, Cast: 'Wilkommen' 4/6/2014
2:24 pm Cast: 'How I Saved Roosevelt' 4/6/2014
2:21 pm Lee Remick: 'There Won't Be Trumpets' 4/6/2014
2:17 pm Company: '(Hey) Big Spender' 4/6/2014
2:13 pm Doretta Morrow & Richard Kiley: 'STRANGER IN PARADISE' 4/6/2014
2:10 pm Judy Kuhn: 'I Know Him So Well' 4/6/2014
2:07 pm Broadway Cast Recording & Harold Hastings: 'Sing Happy' 4/6/2014
2:02 pm Judy Kuhn: 'You and I' 4/6/2014

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The scientists try to tell us that the universe is made up of atoms and molecules; actually, the universe is made up of stories. Muriel Rukeyser

The starting point for consciousness may be the universe, which many physicists believe is made of information. The things we see as matter and energy are really information being transformed from one state to another. Ronald Kotulak

Better Living through Show Tunes
Better Living through Show Tunes
Sundays @ 2:00 pm
Meghan Randolph, Kirk, Tim
Promoting cultural glitteracy through musical theater! Better Living Through Show Tunes brings you the best of musical theater, Broadway and the silver screen. Mostly music, but also interviews and information about local productions. Southern Wisconsin's only radio program dedicated to musical theater. Hosted by Tara Ayres (1st and 2nd Sundays) and Kirk Stantis (3rd and 4th Sundays) and Meaghan Randolph.
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