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8:55 pm Sonny Knight & The Lakers: 'Get Up And Dance' 7/26/2014
8:53 pm Daddy Mack Blues Band: 'Hard On Me' 7/26/2014
8:48 pm Jarekus Singleton: 'I Refuse To Lose' 7/26/2014
8:44 pm Rod Piazza and The Mighty Flyers: 'Neighbor, Neighbor' 7/26/2014
8:40 pm Rick Estrin And The Nightcats: 'Dump That Chump' 7/26/2014
8:35 pm Toronzo Cannon: 'If You're Woman Enough to Leave Me' 7/26/2014
8:30 pm Little Walter: 'TOO LATE' 7/26/2014
8:27 pm Little Walter: 'LIGHTS OUT' 7/26/2014
8:24 pm Little Walter: 'Blues With A Feeling' 7/26/2014
8:21 pm Little Walter: 'You're So Fine' 7/26/2014
8:11 pm Otis Rush: 'Gambler's Blues' 7/26/2014
8:08 pm Jimmy Rogers: 'Ludella' 7/26/2014
8:05 pm Sonny Boy Williamson: 'HELP ME' 7/26/2014
8:02 pm Bobo "Slim" Thomas & Sonny Boy Williamson: 'Catfish Blues' 7/26/2014
7:57 pm All Night Long: 'Five Legged Mule' 7/26/2014
7:53 pm All Night Long: 'My Old Lady' 7/26/2014
7:47 pm Willie King: 'Shake It' 7/26/2014
7:43 pm Ruthie Foster: 'Second Coming' 7/26/2014
7:38 pm SUGAR RAY AND THE BLUETONES: 'Things Could Be Worse' 7/26/2014
7:35 pm Mud Morganfield & Kim Wilson: 'I Want You To Love Me' 7/26/2014
7:27 pm Muddy Waters: 'Mannish Boy' 7/26/2014
7:24 pm Johnny Winter: 'DALLAS' 7/26/2014
7:19 pm Johnny Winter: 'Be Careful With A Fool' 7/26/2014
7:14 pm Pee Wee Crayton: 'Blues After Hours' 7/26/2014
7:11 pm Andre Williams: 'Bacon Fat' 7/26/2014
7:08 pm Slim Harpo: 'Baby Scratch My Back' 7/26/2014
7:05 pm Big Joe Turner: 'Sweet Sixteen' 7/26/2014
7:03 pm Jimmy Liggins: 'Saturday Night Boogie Woogie Man' 7/26/2014
7:00 pm Luther Randolph & Johnny Stiles: 'CROSSROADS' 7/26/2014
8:58 pm Bobby Womack: 'DEEP RIVER' 7/12/2014

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Dick Waterman Interview

10/13/12 2:43 PM | Art Schuna

dick waterman     Dick Waterman is an author, photographer and blues music promoter. He began in the music business by promoting local blues shows in the Boston area in 1963. The following year he joined Nick Perls and Phil Spero on a journey to Mississippi that was to change his life. The trio were in search of Son House, a bluesman who was only known as a performer on a few Paramount label 78s that were recorded in Grafton, WI in the early 1930s. Based on a tip by Bukka White, they traveled South only to find that he was no longer there. They eventually found him living in Rochester, New York. Before long, Dick founded Avalon ….

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Henry Townsend Interview

10/13/12 2:37 PM | Art Schuna

henry townsend   Henry Townsend was born October 27, 1909 in Shelby, Mississippi and grew up in Cairo, Illinois. He moved to St. Louis when he was young and this was his home for most of his life. He began performing and recording with Walter Davis on piano. He first recorded music in 1929 for the Paramount label in Grafton, Wisconsin and recorded in 9 decades of his career. In 1999 University of Illinois Press published his autobiography “A Blues Life As Told To Bill Greensmith”. He was equally adept with a guitar and the piano, but later in life as his fingers became less nimble, he preferred the piano. He died in 1996, hours ….

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Hubert Sumlin Interview

10/11/12 9:14 PM | Art Schuna

huber sumlin 3   I’m not really great in identifying guitarists just by listening to them but Hubert Sumlin’s tone and style are so distinctive, he’s one of a few I could pick out in a blind listening test. He was born in Greenwood MS in 1931 and past on just last year. Sumlin joined Howlin’ Wolf’s band in 1954 and was with him (except for a few brief lapses) until Wolf died in 1976. His guitar came to define Howlin’ Wolf’s band nearly as much as Wolf himself. Hubert Sumlin had a reputation for being more than a little wild in his youth. When I interviewed Henry Gray (Wolf’s piano player) he told me Wolf would fire Hubert ….

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Jerry “Boogie” McCain Interview

10/11/12 6:16 PM | Art Schuna

jerry mccain     I’ve always been a big fan of Jerry McCain. He was one of the most under-rated talents in the blues. The songs he wrote were unique. Jerry McCain was born in Gadsden, AL in 1930 and lived his entire life there. McCain’s first record was made for Lillian McMurry’s Trumpet label in 1953. Jerry was not too fond of this firs.t release, saying his voice was too high. He would go on to record 9 tunes for Trumpet and had one more release which included “Stay Out of Automobiles” which was released shortly before the label folded. Neither of the Trumpet releases were commercially successful due to limited distribution. His ….

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Samuel Charters Interview

10/5/12 4:48 PM | Art Schuna

samuel charters   Samuel Charters is a noted blues scholar and author, record producer, musician and poet. He first became interested in the blues after listening to Bessie Smith’s version of “Nobody Knows You When You’re Down And Out.” He soon became a record collector and began playing jazz clarinet. While in the Army in the early 1950s he ran afoul of the House Un-American Activities Committee. This led to an interest in politics, but as he did not feel he could run for political office he began writing about black music as a means of fighting racism. His book, “The Country Bluesmen” was published in 1959, one of the earliest books on the blues. ….

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Honeyboy Edwards Interview

10/5/12 4:41 PM | Art Schuna

honeyboy edwards   I had the privilege of interviewing David Honeyboy Edwards in October 2003. It was a remarkable in that although he was 88 years old at the time, he had an amazing recall of events from his lifetime going back to the earliest days of his life as a blues artist. He got his start in the pre-war era and learned how to busk on the streets from Big Joe Williams. He was one of the last living blues musicians who was a contemporary of Robert Johnson and performed with him. He knew many of the blues greats from the pre-war era. His interview covers not only discussions about many of the bluesmen he worked with ….

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Bob Koester Turns 80, Delmark’s 60th Anniversary

10/5/12 11:21 AM | Art Schuna

bob koester     Bob Koester celebrates his 80th birthday this month and his record label, Delmark is celebrating its 60th year in the business. Bob also owns the Jazz Record Mart pictured here. Bob became interested in blues and jazz as a collector of 78 rpm records. He started a record store called Delmar Records named for the street it was located on, Delmar Avenue in St. Louis. Bob first recorded a trad jazz band and then went on to seek out blues performers living in the St. Louis area including Speckled Red, Big Joe Williams, JD Short and James Crutchfield. The label had to change its name from Delmar to Delmark due to copyright issues. Bob ….

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09/29/12 10:50 AM | Art Schuna

art radio shot 1-08 I have been co-hosting Two For The Blues since January 1997. I initially did the show with Bonnie Kalmbach who originated the show in January 1976. After she retired from the airwaves, Dave Leucinger took over the co-hosting duties. Growing up in Northern Wisconsin, I was first introduced to the blues on AM radio in the 1950s when Slim Harpo and Jimmy Reed crossed over to the pop record charts. In the 1960s, British Invasion bands were playing blues tunes I liked but it took me years before I heard the original versions. I remember the first time I heard Howlin’ Wolf. I didn’t like it. It was just too raw compared to versions done by ….

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