The Dusties Storm

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9:53 am Rufus Featuring Chaka Khan: 'SWEET THING' 11/19/2011
9:50 am Fontella Bass: 'RESCUE ME' 11/19/2011
8:12 am Freddie Jackson: 'Have You Ever Loved Somebody?' 11/19/2011
8:09 am Stephanie Mills: 'I Feel Good All Over' 11/19/2011
8:06 am Lionel Richie: 'hello' 11/19/2011
8:03 am Smokey Robinson and The Miracles: 'what's so good about goodbye' 11/19/2011
8:00 am Smokey Robinson and The Miracles: 'who's lovin' you' 11/19/2011

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Dusties Storm
Dusties Storm
Saturdays @ 8:00 am
Lady P
Host Lady P brings you a combination of 60s and 70s R&B music that will take you back to the day.
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