Mel & Floyd: Kitler & Other Terrible Puns

Monday, 11 November 2013 |

Dear Minions,
This week on Mel & Floyd: Mr. Smarty Pants and Mel start off with their aspirations to learn Klingon and become Spock, with a stunning transition to German politics and cats that look like Hitler – the website also known as Kitler. After all, we all know what the Nazis were thinking when they read the book Maos (and other terrible puns).kitler

In other news, the U.S. is running out of James Bond material, Ronald Reagan the Kenyan socialist tries to tax our capital gains, and some pesky statisticians have finally admitted there are more poor people in the country than previously thought. The Whig Party also receives a whole-hearted endorsement from the Mel & Floyd platform.

And it turns out if you assemble your IKEA products too loudly in Sweden your neighbors may call the cops.

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P.S. People aren’t sad because it’s cloudy, it’s cloudy because they’re sad.

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