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Wednesday, 17 July 2013 | buzz
Iconic "hoodie" image of Martin

Iconic “hoodie” image of Martin

In a decision that has been accused of racial bias, George Zimmerman was acquitted of murdering Treyvon Martin on July 13th, 2013. Margaret Kimberly, writer for Black Agenda Report, joined Jan Miyasaki on the Wednesday 8 O’Clock Buzz to discuss her views on the shooting, the trial and ultimately the acquittal.

Kimberly claims that although Treyvon Martin is the most famous victim of recent times because his parents pushed for investigation and arrest, she believes his case is not unique. Instead, it is a sign of persistent discrimination that has never really died. In her words, “[Zimmerman] is a vigilante of the slavery era.” What’s more, he is only a vigilante. This case and the protests surrounding it don’t consider biased police brutality and shootings that are almost never prosecuted or tried by other officers.

In addition, she raised the current debate on the effectiveness of the “Stand Your Ground” laws that protected Zimmerman in Florida and are present in nearly all states around the U.S. This law, though it does cause a small decline in violent crime, is often accompanied by a spike of homicide. Since the implementation of the law in Florida, the “justifiable” homicide rate tripled, as did the number of homicides by white males. Kimberley believes this is entirely a weapon of race and a “tool for white supremacy”.

Listen to the entire interview with Jan Miyasaki:

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