Job Seeking in the United States

Monday, 27 January 2014 | A Public Affair

In a two part show, our Monday host John Quinlan discussed how mistaken American beliefs about the causes of unemployment negatively affect the confidence of United States jobseekers and a view of America and Madison from a visiting Palestinian youth worker. Learn more by listening to this edition of A Public Affair!

On Monday January 27th, our host John Quinlan was joined for the first part of the show by author Ofer Sharone to discuss his latest book, “Flawed System/ Flawed Self”. For the second part of the show, Quinlan spoke with youth worker, Anees Mansour about his work at the Rachel Corrie Cultural Center.

“In Flawed System/Flawed Self, Ofer Sharone develops a cogent, timely, and compelling account of why American employees blame themselves for their failure to secure employment and why their Israeli counterparts engage in system blame instead. Sharone moves the discussion well beyond global generalizations about the role of culture to make an important contribution to the literature of joblessness.” Steven Vallas, author of “Work: A Critique”

When asked about his work at the center, Mansour said, ”I believe in the message of Rachel Corrie. I believe in children. They are the future of the world and I believe that we should care for them as much as we can.”



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