Jeff Dowd – “The Dude” – Visits Madison

Thursday, 25 October 2012 | buzz

South Central Federation of Labor (

On Thursday, October 25, Jeff Dowd, the inspiration for ‘the dude’ or ‘duderino’ character in The Big Lebowski speaks with Tony Castaneda. Jeff is both a film producer and a community and peace activist, and was a member of the Seattle Seven. He is traveling the country, and is currently visiting Wisconsin.


He admires the strong alliance that Wisconsin has put together, and believes that Wisconsin is now in a historical crossroads. Jeff discusses his economic and political opinions and speculates on the upcoming presidential term. He voices his opinion, “what you have a chance to do in Wisconsin, is take the high road, and become the job creator state… We need to show that [the workers] in Oshkosh, who are worried about losing their jobs, and rightfully so, to the 10,000 jobs that George Bush moved to Texas… Germany is now 50% solar…There is no reason why Wisconsin can’t be doing that. There is no reason the [workers] at Oshkosh trucks can not be working on trains, electric batteries, solar, wind …it doesn’t even have to be transportation. That’s the historic opportunity: Wisconsin is in an historic situation where they can start making systemic change, and we can show that we are the job creators. The reason Obama can not answer the question Romney is asking is because government does not create jobs systemically. It has to come from a combination of things…using the phenomenal Wisconsin human resources, and between the universities of Wisconsin…The human resources we have today is unbelievable.”


Jeff will be speaking at The Big Laborski Fest at the Labor Temple on Thursday October 25, from 6-9PM.


Listen to the entire interview here:

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