Revisiting 3 topics: CCD, wolves, and mining – Jan 3

Saturday, 29 December 2012 | Science

In our first show of 2013, PNM reporter Kaitlin Rienzo-Stack revisits three topics that our intrepid crew has covered in 2012: honeybees and colony collapse, wolf management and hunting, and mining in Wisconsin. Thanks for tuning in!


Our guests were:

Dr. Timothy Van Deelen, University of Wisconsin-Madison Forest and Wildlife Ecology Department

For more information on gray wolves in the state, check out the WI DNR webpage on the topicĀ  and their wolf hunting and trapping webpage.


Dr. Sainath Suryanarayanan, UW-Madison Department of Community and Environmental Sociology

Dr. Daniel Kleinman, UW-Madison Department of Community and Environmental Sociology

For more information on their work and insights into the folks working on colony collapse disorder in the US, check out their piece in the journal Issues in Science and Technology, “Disappearing Bees and Reluctant Regulators.” A response, written by two prominent beekeepers and a former apiary inspector from Florida, in the same journal, can be found here.



Carl Sack, Madison Action for Mining Alternatives

For more information, check out the Wisconsin Network for Peace and Justice website. To get on the group’s list-serv, email Carl. More information can also be found on Facebook, at the pages for Citizens Concerned About the Proposed Penokee Mine and Frac Sand Mining Awareness.


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