GUILTY! Of Attacking The Sidewalk With Chalk.

Thursday, 16 May 2013 | buzz
Darkain Multimedia

Darkain Multimedia


The kind that washes away and on a public sidewalk. Parents, tell your children to be careful of which sidewalk they choose to chalk on. The seemingly harmless animal your child loves to draw could conjure up a day in court and a hefty fine. The Madison Capitol Police are cracking down on chalk holders. Caught with powdery hands!



Jason Huberty went to a jury trial and was found guilty of Unlawful Display. The rascal was affixing a sign to concrete, which is not allowed “without express permission from the Dept of Admin.” A clear violation of Adm 2.07 Exterior and interior displays and decorations.



Charged 50 bucks for the crime of chalking, what is most troubling about this is one, the Capitol Police must have nothing to do with themselves but bully peaceful protestors, and two, Huberty was on a public sidewalk exercising his right of freedom of expression.



But, as Huberty says the Attorney General said in regards to the Capitol Police, “They are good soldiers in the kings army, they are just doing their jobs, this is what they would normally be doing.”



So now Scott Walker is King and the Capitol Police are his army. This bodes well….

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