Father Angus returns to the airwaves!

Tuesday, 11 September 2012 |

Former co-host of Psychoacoustics through the 90′s and early ’00s, Father Angus O’Sodom MacGommoragh will be making his annual appearance on WORT the Thursday night before the Willy Street Fair. He’ll be bringing with him the usual assortment of new & underground sounds from the West Coast heavy/psychedelic scene.

Tune in Thursday, September 13th from 8-11 pm to have your ears & mind beautifully blown.


From Fr. Angus–

The following is a list of artists whose work I should have with me next week, with comments:

Amon Duul II (venerable German prog)
Acid Mothers Temple (‘nuff said; saw them this year)
Acid King (awesome SF psych/doom; seeing them on 9/21)
Crippled Black Phoenix (post-prog UK band with new release that swept Europe this year; my friend Mark does synths and samples for them)
Parson Sound (Swedish drone/psych pioneers from the late 60s that will BLOW YOUR MIND)
Guardian Alien (new, deeply weird, ragalike freakout)
Carlton Melton (SF instrumental psych, shimmery and heavy; seeing them on 9/29)
Assemble Head in Sunburst Sound (SF psych)
Doug Hilsinger/Caroleen Beatty (Taking Tiger Mountain by Strategy/Eno cover…WORT has this, yes?)
Eagle Twin (I’ll have at least a track from their July 2012 release, The Feather Tipped the Serpent’s Scale; sadly, missed their show last month)
Earth (does WORT have either of their two newest releases, Angels of Darkness, Demons of Light I and/or II? I saw Earth here last year.)
Hellbender (psych metal à la Hawkwind, new stuff)
Hot Lunch (WORT should have gotten some Hot Lunch materials from their label, Who Can You Trust? I work with their drummer. Killer. I have some of their stuff if worse comes to worst.)
Naam (yes, more prog/psych/doom, from Brooklyn…friends of mine, and they’ve sparked lots of phone calls when we’ve played them before; saw them here last year)
Randy California (old solo nugget of his)
Six Organs of Admittance (does WORT have their latest, Ascent? It’s been sold out at Aquarius and Amoeba when I’ve checked…just released last month. Might see them here on 9/22.)
Ufomammut (I have Opus Primum, released April 2012; Opus Alter will be released the day after I return to California, dammit! Saw them here on their first-ever US tour in 2009.)
Worm Ouroboros (imagine Galadriel in an all-female symphonic black metal band…beautiful and heavy at the same time; saw them with Wolves in the Throne Room earlier this year.)
The Lumerians ( going to be opening for Psychic TV when I see them in December)

Some of the bands in the first list are from SF, some I’ve seen in SF or thereabouts, and others I just like. :o)

Father Angus, host emeritus of Psychoacoustics [1991-2009)


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