Family: Thanksgiving Edition

Friday, 23 November 2012 | buzz

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On Friday November 23, in this special Thanksgiving ‘Family’ edition of the Friday 8 O’Clock Buzz, our host Jonathan Zarov speaks with his siblings about the topic of family and the significance of birth order. He speaks with siblings Herb, the oldest, Ira, the middle child, and Marcia, the only girl child and the youngest until Jonathan was born. They speak about the typical stereotypes of birth orders, for example, the oldest child typically has values that are more aligned with the parents, and are more conventional. Herb believes that he somewhat fits into that category, although his family’s perception of him is quite different from that of others in terms of political leaning. Herb also spent time with his grandparents, which Herb believes instilled more conventional values in him. Marcia sees herself as taking on the roll of the “younger” child: she finds herself as more laid back, while Ira, the middle child, is known among the family as the ‘negotiator’ sibling, keeping the siblings in contact and updated on each others’ lives. The siblings agree that there is a difference between one’s self perception and one’s actual behavior. They also agree that overall family influence, such as their parents’ value for reading and education, also played a significant role in their behavior and decisions in life.


Listen to the entire interview here:

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