Robert J

February 20, 2014

Robert J

Independent Media for the 21st Century Benefit

Bands: Un Seule Frere; Daiquiri; Worthless Righteous; Thistle & Thorns; Tani Diakite & the Afrofunkstars.

Independent Media Benefit Concert

Independent Media for the 21st Century to support Madison Infoshop, Rainbow Bookstore Cooperative and Lakeside Printing Cooperative, featuring Tani Diakite & the Afrofunkstars, Un Seule Frere, Daiquiri, Worthless Righteous and Thistle & Thorns

Frank James

David Hecht

Catfish Stevenson

Old Tin Can String Band

Chris Plowman

  • 10:00 pm - 10:00 pm
  • Merchant
  • 121 S. Pinckney, Madison

rev. 52M