“Energy Vampires” – Adam Weiss on Energy Conservation

Friday, 26 October 2012 | buzz

On Friday October 26, Adam “Vampire Slayer’ Weisse, from Project Home, spoke with our host Jonathan Zarov about energy conservation. He provided several suggestions and tips on how to make our homes more energy efficient.


Says Adam,“Some of the biggest energy vampires in your home would be home entertainment systems…such as flat screen TVs. They are continually using a trickle charge of electricity to keep them warmed up. You can install power strips on these devices, hook multiple devices to one power strip and turn that off – that kills the power to a couple of devices at once. If you are lucky enough to have switch outlets, you can plug those devices into a switch outlet and switch it off when you walk out of the room.” There are also ‘smart power strips’, which automatically shuts outlets off if the device is not being actively used.


Items that are plugged in, even though they are not in use, do continue to use energy, although the amount does vary depending on the device itself. “Phone chargers are pretty low energy devices, but they’re still going to be using 3-4 watts of energy as it just sits there, ready for you to plug your phone into. Something like a television, or computer monitor, would be using closer to 30-40 watts, just sitting there. Translating that into cost…you are paying about 12.5 cents per kilowatt in Madison, and if that’s something used 365 days a year, it’s going to add up over the year.”


Adam explains Project Home, a grantee of the Wisconsin low income Weatherization Assistance Program, “this year we are going to be in about 620 households in Madison areas and down in Green County. We make a lot of visits to people’s homes. Project Homes in particular addresses a lot of things that most homeowners would not address…[such as]air sealing and insulation in homes, mechanical system upgrades and efficiency, and ventilation issues for air safety.”


For more information about Project Homes, visit their website at www.projecthomewi.org
You can also learn more about Wisconsin’s Focus on Energy at focusonenergy.com

Listen to the entire interview here:


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