Earth Wood & Fire Artist Tour

Friday, 26 October 2012 | buzz


On Friday October 26, our host Jonathan Zarov talked about The Earth Wood and Fire Artist Tour with local arts and crafts style furniture maker, Bill Bale. The tour will be taking place this weekend, October 27 and 28, from 10 -5 p.m. in Cambridge, Wisconsin.


Says Bill, “All the artwork represents the elements of the earth. The jewelers, which take fire, furniture, which takes wood, and the painters are doing things with nature and of the world… We highlight 13 studios and a gallery in Jefferson, and we have other guests in the area that come in that are just a little bit outside our map region.”


Bill will also be hosting a jeweler, painter and potter at his studio. Other artists include “the fiberholics”, a group of women who weave baskets and other items using elements from nature, as well as another fiber artist who raises her own sheep, from which she makes the felt that she uses for her work. For a list of all of the artists featured in the tour, click here.


Visit for a full map of the tour and further details.


Listen to the clip here:

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