Musicians For WORT

Bands, solo performers, ensembles, and performance artists:

WORT needs YOU!

Please consider supporting Madison’s only independent community radio station by pledging one of your performances to WORT.

Join these Musicians For WORT participants:


Dick The Bruiser
So So Radio
The United Sons of Toil
The Suit
The Takebacks
Mickey’s Tavern
Roots Collective
Nama Rupa
Kingtown Rockers 
Ken Lonnquist
Crustacean Records 
Things Fall Apart 
Droids Attack 
The Skintones 
Shazy Hade 
DB Pedersen 
The Gomers 
Mercury Players 
David Hecht & Primitive Culture
Soul Shaker
Nathaniel Bartlett
Michelle Duvall
Compact Duo

How to join:


You sign up to pledge a show. You book a show within our listening area. We help promote the show. You play the show. Together, we raise awareness of your music in the community, and raise money for WORT.
Download the Musicans For WORT Pledge Form for more information.

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