Defending Public Education from Corporate Takeover

Wednesday, 17 April 2013 | A Public Affair

On Wednesday April 17th, host John Quinlan interviewed Todd Price about the book he co-edited, “Defending Public Education from Corporate Takeover.” Todd Alan Price, Ph.D., is director of leadership and specialized roles at National Louis University. An associate professor of education, his interests include educational policy, service learning, co-teaching, and the history and philosophy of education in the United States of America, Cuba, and the People’s Republic of China, where he has lived, studied, and taught.



“At this moment, schools are doing everything they can to win the Race to the Top. They are allocating their funding to test preparation, riffing beloved teachers, and transferring students who “drag down” their grade average on the state report card. This book describes the current state of the education system in the United States. Readers will be on the front lines of the protests in Madison, in the inner city public-turned-charter schools, and in the shoes of the teachers dealing with educational politics every day. By the end of this text, you may beg the question: who’s winning in the Race to the Top?”

University Press of America (December 19, 2012)


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