Coming Through the Fog

Thursday, 31 October 2013 | A Public Affair

On Thursday October 31st our host Yuri Rashkin was joined by author of “Coming Through the Fog: A Journey Through Autism and Sensory Processing Disorder to Functioning Recovery and Independent Living” Tami Goldstein and her daughter Heather Goldstein to discuss her experience and journey with Heather to recovery.

“Coming Through the Fog” author Goldstein became a licensed massage, body and CranioSacral therapist after seeing the benefits that helped her daughter Heather. Through out the book, she gives insight about her own experience of overcoming the medical and educational barriers to a child’s recovery from Autism.

“Believe in yourself. You know your child and your child has the potential to be amazing and with the right supports they might just impress you.”- Heather Goldstein on her experience with Autism


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