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A look at the music of the northeastern Brazilian state of Pernambuco.

A multi-part series showcasing the music of this region with the styles of: maracatu, forro, cocu and more. Check out our first installment on Maracatu, a Brazilian musical genre that has its origins as a cultural resistance to slavery.


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We talk with Scott Kettner, a New York-based musician and scholar who has researched extensively the music of Northern Brazil. Scott is organizing the North American tour of Estrela Brilhante, a traditional Maracatu Nation that has been playing since 1906. Estrela Brilhante will be joining Nation Beat on a tour of the United States. For tour details and information about both bands check out:

For a link to their kickstarter campaign:

Nacao Estrelha Brillante 2005_0207_eb_avedantas_barreto_carnaval_167-modifiedfoto-1-rainha-edit-flatphotos courtesy of the Tale of Two Nations tour.

The music heard in this episode:

Djalma Corrêa - Tudo Madeira from Baiafro.

Ricardo Gomes, Arnaldo JR – Maracatus

Nation Beat - Clementina De Jesus No Morro Da Conceicao from Maracatuniversal

Estrelha Brillante - Toque o Gongue

Nation Beat - Tu-Maraca from Maracatuniversal

Thanks to Scott Kettner and the staff colective at WORT 89.9 FM, Listener Sponsored Community Radio in Madison, WI

Recorded and Produced by Robert Schoville and Martin Alvarado at the WORT Studios June, 2013.
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