“Boombox The Wasteland” 2013 Unites Live Radio And Community

Thursday, 5 September 2013 |

boombox This Saturday, September 14th from 2-8 pm hundreds of boombox radios will synchronize their dials to 89.9 WORT for Madison’s 2013 Boombox the Wasteland. This musical celebration seeks to reclaim and revitalize the unused space at Union Corners, on Winnebago and S. Sixth St., by creating an atmosphere of community and vitality. The live broadcast will infuse the day’s activities, which include roller skating, sculpture, planting, dance troupes, parades, grilling, arts and crafts, double dutch, skateboarding and hanging out.
Participating WORT DJs will include Rev. Velveteen [2-3:20 pm;] Bad Sister Heidi [3:20-4:40 pm;] Ted Offensive [4:40-6 pm] and Rockin’ John [6-8 pm.] There’ll also be dance performances by Sadira [bellydance] at 2:45, CONJUNCT [tribal and electronic] at 3:05 pm, and Greasy Gears [bicycle acrobatics team] at 4:30 pm.



A highlighted activity this year is the creation of 50 Aldo Leopold Benches. Each bench will be sponsored by a local business, person or organization and assembled at the event. Finished benches will be go out into neighborhoods where permitted. Please join in the assembly line for an hour or two at the event.

Bring food to share, blankets, chairs and – most of all – BRING YOUR BOOMBOX!!!!!

Read more about the event here.


Music Director
Sybil has been with the station since 1991 and became a member of the staff collective in 1995. She co-hosts Psychoacoustics with Bad Sister Heidi.

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