Board of Directors

The purpose of WORT‘s Board of Directors is to:

  • Establish WORT‘s overall goals, priorities, and policies.
  • Establish rules, policies and guidelines regarding the facility, equipment, committees, staff, volunteers, and programming of WORT.
  • Manage the business, finances, and properties of WORT.


WORT Board Schedule

FY2013 Board of Directors

Office Member Term Seat Type Committee Assignments
E-mail the full Board of Directors:
President Vickie Eiden
2015 Participating Member Executive
Long-Range Planning
Regulatory Compliance
Board Training
Policies Review
Staffing Assessment
Vice President Dean Loumos
2015 Listener Sponsor Executive
Long-Range Planning
Facilities Planning
Staff Representative Norman Stockwell
2013 Staff Representative Bylaws
Regulatory Compliance
Long Range Planning
EEO Policy Review
Facilities Planning
Policies Review
Sister Radio
Seated as staff:
Staffing Assessment
Board Training
Secretary Tessa Wyllie de Echeverria
2016 Participating Member Elections
Public Relations/Outreach
Treasurer Jody McCann
2016 Participating Member Executive
Long-Range Planning
Member-at-Large Sandee Seiberlich
 2017 Listener Sponsor TBD
Member-at-Large Sande Janagold
TBD Participating Member TBD
Member-at-Large Steve Ringwood>
TBD Participating Member TBD
Member-at-Large Jim Schwall
2016 Participating Member Programming
Member Emeritus Dave Devereaux-Weber
Emeritus Engineering
Long Range Planning
Facilities Planning
WORT‘s Board of Directors is comprised of:
Five Participating Members.
A Participating Member is anyone who has volunteered at least five hours of authorized work in each of three consecutive months between October 1 and March 31 preceding the Board elections in June.
Three Listener Sponsor Members.
A Listener Sponsor Member is anyone who has made at least an annual basic ($40) listener-sponsorship level contribution to WORT in the past year.
One Staff Collective Representative.
The Staff Representative is elected by the Staff Collective to serve on the Board for a term of no less than three months.



WORT‘s Board of Directors’ meetings are scheduled for the third Wednesday of each month. All Board meetings are open to the public.

Meetings are held:

7:00 – 9:00 pm

118 S. Bedford Street – the station

Monthly meeting schedule

Board Meeting Archives
2014 Meetings

Meeting date Agenda Minutes
January 15 Jan Agenda Jan Minutes
February Feb Agenda Feb Minutes
March Mar Agenda Mar Minutes
April Apr Agenda Apr Minutes
May May Agenda May Minutes
June June Meeting Agenda June Meeting Minutes
June (Annual Meeting) Annual Meeting Agenda Annual Meeting Minutes
July July Agenda July Minutes
August Aug Agenda Aug Minutes
September Sept Agenda Sept Minutes
October Oct Agenda Oct Minutes
November Nov Agenda Nov Minutes
December Dec Agenda Dec Minutes


Long Range Planning Committee

For more information about WORT‘s Long Range Planning, visit WORT2020.

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