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9:38 pm Jon Hassell: 'Nightsky (The Living City)' 7/20/2014
9:19 pm Christopher Penrose: 'American Jingo' 7/20/2014
9:00 pm Olivia Block: 'Opening NIght' 7/20/2014
8:42 pm Edvard Graham Lewis: 'No Show Godot' 7/20/2014
8:23 pm Nels Cline: 'Rod Poole's Gradual Ascent To Heaven' 7/20/2014
8:05 pm The Seaman and The Tattered Sail: 'Light Folds' 7/20/2014
9:00 pm Richard Lainhart: 'No Other Time' 7/13/2014
8:05 pm Rene Uijlenhoet: 'Harvey's Law' 7/13/2014

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Show tickets available as pledge premiums!

06/6/14 7:02 PM | Sybil Augustine

fun in the radio sun Here’s a list of some tickets to upcoming shows that you can get as thank-you gifts for your call-in pledge to WORT!!! [Note that availability depends on which show you pledge to and when.] Call (608) 256-2001 or toll free 866-899-WORT.

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