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1:53 pm kd Lang: 'HALLELUJAH' 4/13/2014
1:47 pm Tina and the B-Side Movement: 'MILLION MILES AWAY' 4/13/2014
1:44 pm Rachael Yamagata: 'PAPER DOLL' 4/13/2014
1:40 pm Rachael Yamagata: 'Meet Me By the Water' 4/13/2014
1:37 pm K.d. Lang: 'Save Me' 4/13/2014
1:29 pm Tina Schlieske: 'I Don't Want to Say Good-Bye' 4/13/2014
1:25 pm The Sundays: 'My Finest Hour' 4/13/2014
1:21 pm A Fine Frenzy: 'Think Of You' 4/13/2014
1:16 pm Blame Sally: 'Mona Lisa Smile' 4/13/2014
1:13 pm Brandi Carlile: 'UNTIL I DIE' 4/13/2014
1:10 pm Alanis Morissette: 'Incomplete' 4/13/2014
1:07 pm Rilo Kiley: 'Don't Deconstruct' 4/13/2014
12:55 pm Joan Armatrading: 'Everyday Boy' 4/13/2014
12:52 pm Tracy Chapman: 'Heaven's Here on Earth' 4/13/2014
12:49 pm Annie Lennox: 'Waiting in Vain' 4/13/2014
12:40 pm Joan Armatrading: 'More Than One Kind of Love' 4/13/2014
12:37 pm Tracy Chapman: 'Smoke And Ashes' 4/13/2014
12:35 pm Joan Armatrading: 'IN YOUR EYES' 4/13/2014
12:25 pm Alanis Morisette: 'HAVOC' 4/13/2014
12:22 pm Alanis Morissette: 'Mary Jane' 4/13/2014
12:19 pm Sinead O’Connor: 'Drink before the War' 4/13/2014
12:15 pm Concrete Blonde: 'RUN RUN RUN' 4/13/2014
12:12 pm Concrete Blonde: 'Little Conversations' 4/13/2014
12:06 pm Adele: 'LoVeSonG' 4/13/2014
12:02 pm The Watson Twins: 'JUST LIKE HEAVEN' 4/13/2014
11:56 am Joni Mitchell: 'Both Sides Now' 4/13/2014
11:50 am The Watson Twins: 'Powderfinger' 4/13/2014
11:46 am Julie Peel: 'I BELIEVE IN YOU' 4/13/2014
11:44 am Carmen Townsend: 'Everybody Knows This Nowhere' 4/13/2014
11:41 am Joni Mitchell: 'Blue' 4/13/2014

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Photos and audio from La Fête de Marquette 2013

07/15/13 11:19 AM | Daniella Echeverria

Fete de Marquette 2013 Photos by Ankur Malhotra (www.aneyeful.com) and Norm Stockwell. Links to streaming audio of each artist’s set that was broadcast live are below. Many thanks to our community supporters, whose generosity helps us bring you all this great music!!

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No tunes in Harmony — Michelle Shocked interviewed on WORT Radio

05/6/13 6:54 PM | Sybil Augustine

michelle shocked The artist known as Michelle Shocked did not play the Harmony Bar in Madison on Saturday night; that had been cancelled along with the rest of the tour. She did stop by our studios on Sunday afternoon to chat with Leonie Dolch, host of Her Infinite Variety, about the reason for the cancellations and to tell her side of the story. Here’s the audio archive of the interview and as always, your comments are welcome. — Sybil Augustine, Music Director

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