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4:39 pm Ricardo Marerro & Group: 'music in the sun' 7/26/2014
4:33 pm Ocho: 'Coco May May' 7/26/2014
4:30 pm Cintron & Soul Survivors: 'One More Song' 7/26/2014
4:27 pm Angel Melendez: 'Cereza Rosa (Cherry Pink And Apple Blossom White)' 7/26/2014
4:24 pm Willie Colon: 'Calle Luna Calle Sol' 7/26/2014
4:21 pm Various artist: 'Salsa Habanera' 7/26/2014
4:18 pm La Controbanda: 'Que Viva Çali' 7/26/2014
4:18 pm La Controbanda: 'Que Viva Çali' 7/26/2014
4:15 pm West One Music: 'Salsa Funk' 7/26/2014
4:12 pm Unknow: 'Unknown' 7/26/2014
4:09 pm Sexteto Juventud: 'Caramelo Y Chocolate' 7/26/2014
4:06 pm Salsa: 'Super Vocal Only' 7/26/2014
4:03 pm Ten Sharp: 'You Are Always On My Mind' 7/26/2014
4:00 pm Latino Remix: 'Lovely Day (Acoustic Version)' 7/26/2014
3:57 pm Grupo Imagen: 'Show Me The Meaning' 7/26/2014
3:54 pm Fajardo: 'Batman Boogaloo' 7/26/2014
3:51 pm Maurizio Dona: 'Dame Tu Coco' 7/26/2014
3:45 pm La Playa Sextet: 'Coco Seco' 7/26/2014
3:42 pm Henrey Fiol: 'Caramelo a Kilo' 7/26/2014
3:37 pm Rhythms del Mundo, U2 & Coco Freeman: 'I STILL HAVEN'T FOUND WHAT I'M LOOKING FOR' 7/26/2014
3:34 pm Africando All Stars: 'Super Slow Salsa' 7/26/2014
3:31 pm Salsa Loca: 'La Malanga' 7/26/2014
3:28 pm Charanga Agoza: 'Rico Vacilon (Cha-Cha)' 7/26/2014
3:25 pm Batista Coco: 'Una Ragagazza in Due' 7/26/2014
3:22 pm Batista Coco: 'Cos'e I'amore' 7/26/2014
3:19 pm ALC: 'Vanilla Y Chocolate' 7/26/2014
3:16 pm El Gran Combo de Puerto Rico: 'Salsa Con Coco' 7/26/2014
3:11 pm Salsa Fever: 'Salsa de la Buena (Descarga)' 7/26/2014
4:32 pm Frankie Dante & Orquesta Flamboyan: 'los rumberos' 7/19/2014
4:29 pm Bebo Valdés & Sabor de Cuba: 'dile a catalina' 7/19/2014

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WORT broadcasts live from La Fete!!

07/11/14 5:09 PM | Sybil Augustine

emiline-michel-1 LA FETE DE MARQUETTE is always a great party, and now everyone can join in! If you can’t camp out in Central Park all weekend, you can still catch some of the music as it’s being broadcast live on WORT Friday evening and Saturday and Sunday afternoons, pre-empting our regular programming this week.

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La Junta
La Junta
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