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3:16 pm Culture: 'One Stone' 4/12/2014
3:13 pm 2Face: 'Ihe neme' 4/12/2014
3:08 pm Star Number One: 'Macakki' 4/12/2014
3:06 pm Manecas Costa: 'Osokari' 4/12/2014
3:00 pm Fode Baro: 'Donsoke' 4/12/2014
2:57 pm P Square: 'Asamkpokoto' 4/12/2014
2:53 pm Jose Chameleone: 'Valu Valu' 4/12/2014
2:50 pm EDUWOJI: 'yenko nkoaa' 4/12/2014
2:45 pm Mafikizolo: 'Khona (feat. Uhuru)' 4/12/2014
2:42 pm X Maleya: 'Il n'y a plus moyen' 4/12/2014
2:39 pm Bisso Na Bisso: 'Bisso na bisso' 4/12/2014
2:33 pm Papa Wemba: 'Kaokokokorobo' 4/12/2014
2:30 pm Koffi Olomide: 'Ultimatum' 4/12/2014
2:27 pm Franco & TP OK Jazz: 'Tres Impoli' 4/12/2014
2:22 pm Sierra Leone Refugee All Stars: 'Mother In Law' 4/12/2014
2:16 pm Jaojoby: 'Potiky Aminao' 4/12/2014
2:12 pm Mokoomba: 'Njoka' 4/12/2014
3:11 pm Takana Zion: 'Congoh' 4/5/2014
3:08 pm Stanley Stakes: 'BoBo' 4/5/2014
3:05 pm Tal Nationale: 'LIMOUSINE' 4/5/2014
3:02 pm Tau Ea Linare & Puseletso Seema: 'He O Oe Oe' 4/5/2014
2:59 pm King Mensah: 'AYA' 4/5/2014
2:56 pm Bholoja: '6Days' 4/5/2014
2:50 pm Wambali: 'Muli Nane' 4/5/2014
2:47 pm Salim Ali Amir: 'mdwambe' 4/5/2014
2:44 pm Puto Portugues: 'ta sair male' 4/5/2014
2:41 pm Angelique Kidjo: 'djovamin' 4/5/2014
2:37 pm Somi: 'Ingele' 4/5/2014
2:34 pm Daddy Lumba: 'Ebi Se Eye Aduro' 4/5/2014
2:31 pm Pierre Moutouari: 'ya pas Moyen' 4/5/2014

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A Gringa’s Guide to the Madison World Music Festival!

09/12/13 1:14 PM | Sybil Augustine

Performing Indian symphonic string music Thurs. Sept 19, 5 pm at the Memorial Union Terrace. Susan Kepecs’ “Cultural Oyster” gives an overview of the acts appearing at the Madison World Music Festival this year at the Memorial Union and Willy St. Fair. Read and watch videos of several visiting artists on her blog.

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Photos and audio from La Fête de Marquette 2013

07/15/13 11:19 AM | Daniella Echeverria

Fete de Marquette 2013 Photos by Ankur Malhotra ( and Norm Stockwell. Links to streaming audio of each artist’s set that was broadcast live are below. Many thanks to our community supporters, whose generosity helps us bring you all this great music!!

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Linda & Alhaji are back on Panfrica with Vieux Farka Toure!

06/21/13 2:46 PM | Sybil Augustine

Malian guitar magic is coming to La Fete de Marquette on Thurs. July 11 at 9:30 pm. We’ll have an interview with Malian SuperStar and Monster Blues Guitarist Vieux Farka Toure on Panafrica Radio Show on WORT FM 89.9 tomorrow, Saturday, June 22nd. Son of the late legendary Grammy-winning Malian Blues man Ali Farka Toure, Vieux has stepped out and up to become an international star of his own. Here is Vieux Farka live .    Listen live Saturday, June 22nd, 2-4 PM Central on and follow us on facebook or twitter @panafricawort Panafrica Team Alhaji & DJ Linda

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Popular and traditional music of Africa and the Caribbean. New releases from throughout Africa are featured in an effort to bring African music into the American mainstream.
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