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12:50 am The Amorphous Androgynous: 'The Galaxial Pharmaceutical' 7/30/2014
12:43 am The 39 Clocks: 'A Look Into You' 7/30/2014
12:40 am The Lemon Drops: 'The Theatre Of Your Eyes' 7/30/2014
12:35 am The Defectors: 'Brought Up As A Dog' 7/30/2014
12:33 am Curlee Wurlee: 'He Won't Come Back' 7/30/2014
12:30 am Cheepskates: 'I'd Give All I Got' 7/30/2014
12:28 am The Roaring 420s: 'These Woods of Stone' 7/30/2014
12:24 am Jean-Claude Pelletier et son orchestre: 'Surf Snap Surf' 7/30/2014
12:22 am Bob Luman: 'In the Deep Dark Jungle' 7/30/2014
12:20 am Christine & Secs Copains: 'Mon Mini-Croulant' 7/30/2014
12:17 am The Apolloes: 'Laugh In My Face' 7/30/2014
12:14 am Bitter Creek: 'Plastic Thunder' 7/30/2014
12:11 am Wimple Winch: 'Save My Soul' 7/30/2014
12:04 am Madam Robot & The Lust Brigade: 'The Valkyrie Rides Again' 7/30/2014
12:02 am Miracle Workers: 'Flashing Red Light' 7/30/2014
11:59 pm The Tyde: 'Shortbread City' 7/29/2014
11:56 pm Mod Fun: 'Halfway To The End' 7/29/2014
11:52 pm Palmyra Delran: 'Never to Be Back Again' 7/29/2014
11:50 pm The GTVs: 'Bull's Eye' 7/29/2014
11:46 pm The Omens: 'Falling Down' 7/29/2014
11:42 pm The Dubrovniks: 'Missionary Girl' 7/29/2014
11:39 pm The CRY!: 'Toys In The Attic' 7/29/2014
11:36 pm The Peepshows: 'City of the Damned' 7/29/2014
11:33 pm The Satelliters: 'Stoneage Man' 7/29/2014
11:31 pm The Barbacans: 'He's Gone' 7/29/2014
11:26 pm Mal Ryder & The Spirits: 'Forget It' 7/29/2014
11:24 pm Les Star Twisters: 'Duck Twist' 7/29/2014
11:22 pm Gang Of Saints: 'Yes, It's Too Bad' 7/29/2014
11:19 pm Tequila Sextet: 'TEMPTATION' 7/29/2014
11:16 pm Knights Of Darkness: 'I Can't Look Down' 7/29/2014

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Some of the artists we love to play: Them!, The Stems, Thin Lizzy, Radio Birdman, The Sonics, Les Breastfeeders, The Love Me Nots, The Cynics, The Electric Mess, The Above, Paul Collins Beat, The Sick Rose, Lana Loveland, Thunderbolt Patterson, The Woggles, Persian Claws, The Parents, Los Tentakills, Mick Medew & the Rumours, The Ruiners, Boss Mustangs, Black Hollies, The Dirty Shames, The Neutron Drivers, The Molting Vultures, Green Circles, Les Sans Culottes, The Brimstones, Reverend Beat-Man, Black Saxons, The TexReys, Los Chicos, The Pretty Face, Sun Dial, Soulshake Express and more!

Submissions from bands are always welcome! All of us here at WORT love new music. If you think your band would delight the listenership of the LPL, please send info and music to: WORT 89.9 FM, 118 S. Bedford St., Madison, WI 53703, USA attention: Jenni/Leopard Print Lounge.

LATE NIGHT ROCK-N-ROLL….it’s what caffeine is for!

Live on King Street announces final headliner

07/21/14 8:01 PM | Sybil Augustine

h and h small The Majestic Theatre’s 4th annual Live on King Street lineup is complete! The fifth and final evening on September 19 will end with The Head and the Heart. This free, all ages event finishes out the summer series of similar shows featuring Cracker (July 25), Ziggy Marley (August 8) and Deer Tick (August 22).

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BandSwap 2014: Winners Announced

07/18/14 11:01 AM | Kelsey

madison band swap photos Madison BandSwap 2014 has announced its winners!

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Funky roots world music from The Budos Band at the Majestic tonight!

07/10/14 1:29 PM | Sybil Augustine

Web_Image_-_The_Budos_Band-543x320 On Friday, The Budos Band will shake the Majestic dance floor with deep funk grooves. Tickets are still available for this early evening, all ages show at the Majestic box office.

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WORT DJs spin live on Willy St. Sunday

09/20/13 1:54 PM | Sybil Augustine

record store day Our Underground Stage on Sept. 22 also features several WORT radio hosts spinning music before, between and after the bands. Kicking it off at 11:30 am is Cardinal Din, host of “Feed Me Weird Things” late night Saturdays, until Oedipus Tex takes the stage at noon. He’ll be followed by The Real Jaguar of Friday afternoon’s “Who Cooks For You?” bringing you music before a set by Cowboy Winter; then “Global Revolutions” will commence as Monday morning world fusion host Martin Alvarado selects the beats leading up to the ska-punk of 4 Aspiring Morning. After 4AM kicks it into high gear, DJ El Serpentine’s “Rattlesnake Shake” as heard here some Friday evenings follows, leading into Dick the Bruiser. Between DTB ….

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