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Each Monday a different community group or individual hosts the show. Assistance is provided with recording a promotional announcement to be aired the week prior to the show and with sound board engineering the night of the show. In order to keep the show accessible, any individual or group is limited to one show per year. The Access Hour is often booked several months in advance. To sign up to host an Access Hour show, call Ken Rineer at 256-2001 on Monday evenings or e-mail

Monday, April 21st — The Madison Poetry Tribe on the Air

04/15/14 11:04 AM | Access Hour

Madison Poetry Tribe comes to the airways. It’s a collective of three poets: Brett Mattison, Eric Lindblom, and Joe Brewer. Eric plays guitar and sings and does poetry. Brett does poetry. Joe does poetry and some singing. They have an open session to work on writing, though not like a workshop. Calls are welcome. They would like to spread the word about the tribe. 

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Monday, April 14th — MOSES and Wisconsin’s Overincarceration Problem

04/8/14 10:23 AM | Access Hour

MOSES, the interfaith coalition addressing over-incarceration in Wisconsin, presents a live interview by Fawn Bilgere of MOSES with Minister Caliph Muab’El. There are opportunities for call-in questions and comments. Minister Caliph was formerly incarcerated from the age of 15 to the age of 30 (including 10 years in solitary confinement!) and now runs a mentoring program for at-risk youth and serves as vice-president of MOSES.

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Monday, April 7th — Madison Action for Mining Alternatives (MAMA)

04/1/14 12:28 PM | Access Hour

MAMA says…Members of Madison Action for Mining Alternatives (MAMA) discuss indigenous treaty rights, Governor Walker’s pro-mining laws, and what it all means for the environment and the people of Wisconsin. There will be time to call in with questions and comments from listeners, as well as information shared about what YOU can do to stop GTac from putting in the world’s largest taconite iron mine in the Penokee HIlls of northern Wisconsin. Earth Day 2014 is coming up — so this is a perfect way to get ready to celebrate our planet and work to save it from bought off politicians and corporate greed!

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Monday, March 31st — Wisconsin Wave Previews Earth Day 2014

03/27/14 10:59 AM | Access Hour

Members of Wisconsin Wave and a half dozen other groups and organizations meet at the station to talk about Earth Day and to relate Earth Day here with May Day Global Climate Convergence events in Wisconsin.

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Monday, March 24th — This Is What Sustainability Looks Like.

03/18/14 11:23 AM | Access Hour

This is What Sustainability Looks Like! Kermit Hovey conducts interviews focusing on the March 2014 United States Sustainability Summit happening this next week – March 26th through March 28th. How can we live now so we and future generations can live tomorrow? We hear ideas from organizers, participants and activists associated with the annual Sustainability Summit, including voices such as Summit organizer Dr. George Stone of the Milwaukee Area Technical College, Climate Scientist Dr. Michael Mann, and actor and green activist Ed Begley Jr.

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Monday, March 17th — Happy St. Patrick’s Day. — Jeri McCormick reads from her work

03/11/14 9:55 AM | Access Hour

Madison poet Jeri McCormick reads on St. Patrick’s Day, commemorating the historical famine era in Ireland. Her book, Marrowbone of Memory draws on stories passed down from survivors and collected in Irish archives.

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Monday, March 10th — The Solidarity Singers in an Access Hour of Power!

03/4/14 10:49 AM | Access Hour

Welcome back to non-pledge-drive time. Tonight – a solidarity sing along special. Evoking the warm feelings and hopefulness of the Capitol Experience……the third anniversary of the sing along! Lots of great music to be shared that night and conversations about moral Monday coming to Madison.

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Monday, March 3rd — Midwest Storm Trackers (also still On-Air Pledge Drive week…)

02/25/14 3:03 PM | Access Hour

In the midst of our wishing for spring, Midwest Stormtrackers Steve and Dale (and more) return to discuss the upcoming tornado season and to promote weather safety and upcoming severe storm spotting classes this year. Their website is They also hope that you’ll pledge support to WORT during the Access Hour!

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Monday, February 24th — Wisconsin Youth Symphony Orchestra Percussion Group (and pledge drive night #1)

02/18/14 2:41 PM | Access Hour

The Wisconsin Youth Symphony Orchestra percussion group talks about WYSO, its percussionists, and the music it plays. Some of the kids on this program played percussion music with this year’s special WYSO guest, Steve Houghton. Recorded examples of the groups efforts are shared with all of us over the airwaves.  

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Monday, February 17th — The First Rat into the Maze

02/11/14 10:38 AM | Access Hour

Mark Thomas has been a strong union steward and advocate for decades at the UW Memorial Union and AFSCME Local 171. And he’s been a part of the series of programs produced on the Access Hour over the years under the flag of “Savage Class War Radio. He retired recently and has lately signed up for health insurance under the federal Affordable Care Act (“Obamacare”) as “the first rat into the maze.” Savage Class War Radio happens again as University of Wisconsin Memorial Union retiree Mark tells us of his experiences running out of state sick leave credits to pay for his health insurance and going on Obamacare. Friend Jeremy also appears to give us updates on local union struggles. The talk is mixed in with inspirational tunes and energy…

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